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Zain Balkar

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My name is Zain Balkar and I’m from Amman, Jordan. I graduated from an international school in Jordan and after spending a year in London, I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in human behavior and psychology. I ended up applying to the Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences at IE University because it offered exactly what I was looking for, and it was truly an immersive experience. I’ve also always had a passion for art and I’ve spent the last few years learning about Arabic calligraphy. I love that I’ve been able to integrate my passion for art with Jordanian culture.

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Zain Balkar

"The courses that I am currently taking have proved that this is the path I want to follow in the near future."

Zain Balkar

Pursuing a passion for a better understanding of what makes us human

Zain was drawn to the Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences at IE University thanks to its dynamic, multidisciplinary and holistic nature. The degree was appealing to Zain because it gave her the opportunity to explore human behavior and its relationship with other disciplines and fields. Although she was interested in psychology, she didn’t want to solely focus on it, but wanted to incorporate supplementary fields that would allow her to understand the complexity and density of the program in its entirety. The Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences was the perfect fit for her, as it allows her to gain a more holistic understanding of the world we live in.

Behavioral and social sciences allow us to foster a better understanding of human behavior and how to use our skills to influence better decision-making and improve the quality of life for people. Zain explains that exploring why individuals engage in certain behaviors, and the impact of several factors on those behaviors, enables us to make decisions in the present that will benefit us in the future. Whether she is decoding behavioral science strategies to understand consumer behavior and thought patterns, or using the skills taught in the program for consulting agencies, behavioral science enables her to understand how human behavior impacts numerous aspects of society.

Zain thoroughly enjoys the Psychology of Cognition and Emotion course with Dr. Ellen Hamilton. It revolves around cognitive psychology, with a focus on the mental processes that occur in our brain, enabling Zain to understand the science behind memory, attention and perception. She describes the class as an “invaluable learning experience” that provides insights into topics that uncover what makes us human and in turn helps us understand ourselves and others better.

Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences students focus on human behavior and social sciences in ways that differ from the classes taught in other programs. They learn a vast range of skills that help them understand themselves and others better. Although the program is demanding, Zain and her fellow students gain insights into human interactions and behaviors, which they can then apply to their daily lives and relationships.

Alongside her program, Zain is currently completing her second year of an online course located in Greece which revolves around alternative medicine and homeopathy. Being able to pursue the two programs alongside each other has been an extremely valuable learning experience, as she can incorporate what she learns in each program to benefit the other.

Looking to the future, Zain hopes to dive deeper into psychology after her program. She would like to continue studying and hopefully, pursue a master’s degree in cognitive psychology. She also aims to combine and explore the relationship between psychology and homeopathy, to investigate how they interconnect.

Her classes have already taught Zain a great deal about human behavior and interactions and have proved to her that this is the career path for her. The program has given her a solid foundation regarding human behavior and behavioral science—a foundation she is certain will be extremely beneficial when building her career in psychology down the line.

Looking back, Zain wishes she had known her first year of the program would be focused on building a foundation in data analysis and statistics. She has enjoyed and gained a lot from all of her classes at IE University so far.