Activities at IEU

Activities at IEU

The student Life team provides unconditional support to IEU Clubs or individual groups of students who wish to launch an event or initiative. Student-led, Club-led and Student Life-led initiatives are responsible for organizing the vast majority of events in our Student Life Agenda, to which we encourage students to subscribe to.

Learn more about the Student Life Agenda for this month.


Our University years are memorable and in order to make this experience ever more valuable, Student Life constantly supports Clubs, Class Representatives, the Student Government and individual Students to launch a wide array of initiatives.

Mainly, we provide support in two areas: event/activity management and event/campaign promotion.

Whenever Clubs or a group of students wish to start an initiative, the very first thing that they must do is inform the Student Life team about it in order to share specific needs and concerns with our team and receive support. We advise you to visit the local Student Office and speak to your Campus coordinator in order to establish the terms of our collaboration with you.

Generally speaking, Student Life may help you make space reservations inside and outside the university, find catering services, hire transportation services (we sponsor private bus rides to the location where the activity is held whenever more than 15 students confirm that they will use this service).

Though Student Life can rarely help provide funds to activity organizers, we are always willing to analyze detailed budgets that students submit through email on a case-by-case basis. When it comes to financial support, Clubs who request it will have priority over activity organizers that do not belong to a Club.

Request for financial support contacting your local Student Life Coordinator here. Please do not forget to mention what Campus you are based in.

Whenever you launch an initiative or create an event, its success relies heavily on whether or not the IEU Community is aware of it, and its level of receptiveness of the idea. We are aware of how difficult it is to spread the word in such a large community such as ours, especially since it is distributed over two different campuses. Therefore, we are 100% committed to helping you communicate all your ideas as best as possible!

Count on us to help you spread the word and get people on board through the following channels:

• (Club management platform): an online platform available to all students, where we display all of our club and event offerings throughout the extracurricular calendar.

• Student Life Bi-weekly Newsletter: every student receives it in their university email

• Student Life Blog: Contains the latest news and announcements that are relevant to the IEU Community. Students are our Blog’s protagonists.

• Student Office Facebook Group: Almost 2,000 students form part of our group. We are confident to say that no one who calls him/her-self an IEU family member can afford to be left out of the group. Students post announcements, interesting offers and engage in conversations within this group.

To request our assistance in any of these areas please contact us.


In order for students to have a clear idea of what the wide range of activities that the IEU Community offers are, you will find a detailed summary of former events and initiatives as well as videos and images. Some of these activities are an IEU tradition, which means that we celebrate them on an annual or semesterly basis.

- IEU Day

The IEUDay is an emblematic event at IEU. IEUDay is held annually, at a time when the sunny weather helps us get students from both of our Campuses together at a country club on the outskirts of Madrid for some fun and relaxation!

Apart from organizing several activities of general interest to which students can sign up for on the spot, we also provide enough food, drinks and music for those who just want to chill and chat under the sun.


Student Life organizes Music Chill out sessions twice every year in order to welcome you back from the holidays under the most chilled mood and funky atmosphere possible! IEU DJ’s are the best at what they do and for that very reason, they are often our most important guests in these chill out sessions, organized in outside venues at each campus.


We like to welcome our exchange students with the best ambiance possible, and there’s no better way to immerse them in the Spanish culture than providing tapas and beer!

Twice every year, we organize an incoming-outgoing tapas night where both, incoming visitors from other universities and our own students who applied for International mobility can get to meet each other and share stories and tips from their home and exchange locations

Things to do at IEU

Things to do at IEU is a massive effort, joining current students, alumni and Student Life staff from IEU Segovia, to help both current and future students to more easily experience all that you can do in our beloved city of Segovia, and become more engrained in the life of the city and the campus.