Services in Madrid

What you need to know to get by in Madrid!

Services in Madrid

We are constantly aware of our student’s needs upon arrival and during their stay at IEU. In this section, IEU Student life lays out a set of suggestions to inform students about bank, transportation, home, mobile and internet services as well as discounts available in Madrid.

If you are new to the city, we recommend you follow the following to-do list upon arrival:

 1. Find Accommodation.

2. Open a Bank Account.

3. Get a phone and/or internet contract.

4. Pick your preferred transportation mechanism.

5. Identify health services nearby.

You will find information to walk you through each of these five steps in different sections of the Student Life website.

 Take a look at our suggestions and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

Bank Services

Banks in Madrid, usually open from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm. During winter, savings banks also open on Thursday afternoons.

Regardless of your nationality, you will need to provide evidence of your resident or non- resident status in Spain in order to open a bank account in the country.

When opening an account, we recommend you to do this in a bank office near to your home or close to campus; In Spain several bank operations can only be performed in same office where you opened your bank account.

We recommend you to use the services of Banco Sabadell. This bank provides our students with financial aid plans and makes opening a bank account easier.

Adress near Campus: Miguel Angel 23, Madrid. 28010.

Phone number: +34 914360170.

If you are interested in opening a new account at a distance, please contatc us.


With a large Metro line, bus trajectories, bicycle circuit and, train services, Madrid’s public transportation helps users travel across opposite poles of the city in just a few minutes. In order to use available services as best as possible, you must learn how they work and decide which rides best suits different routes.

Abono de Transporte Público

A monthly metro and bus card that allows you to travel indefinitely during a 30-day period. We recommend it if you’re going to be living for a long period of time in Madrid and using public transportation constantly. There are two types:

Abono Joven: For people younger than 23 years old, € 35

Abono Normal: For people older than 23 years old, €54.60


The Metro is probably the fastest transportation option to move around Madrid, with services running from 6.00 am to 1.30 am every day of the week. Single tickets cost 1,30€ and 10-trip tickets have a total cost of 12,50€.

We recommend students who use transportation services recurrently to purchase a monthly pass that allows for a 30-day unlimited use. The price for a monthly pass varies depending on the area of mobilization and on the passenger’s age.

In order to request it, students must previously schedule an appointment in the Metro Madrid website here.


Madrid has more than 216 regular bus routes run by the Municipal Transport Company (EMT - Empresa Municipal de Transportes). Buses got to and from all corners of the city and work from 6 am to midnight. Single tickets cost 1,30€ and 10-trip tickets have a total cost of 12,50. Buses are easily identified by their red or blue color scheme.

You may also find night buses called “Owls” (Búhos) that run from midnight to 6 am, leaving from Plaza de Cibeles. The “Night Owl Metro” (Metrobúhos) are night time buses that cover similar routes to those of the 11 metro lines avialble on Fridays, Saturdays and the night before public holidays, from 00.45 am to 5.45 am.

If you wish to take a direct bus from the airport to Avenida de América, only a couple of blocks away from IE University’s Campus, we recommend you take bus 200. .

Daily bus services close to our Campus and which connect with different points the city center are lines 9, 12, 16 and 19.

For more information click here.


Madrid’s Bicycle circuit is relatively new, as is the bike culture and awareness in the city, which is why we recommend you to use this option carefully and attentively. Bikes are electrical, which means that an automated support system helps speed up the wheels whilst pedaling. Bikes can reach a maximum speed of 25km/h.

There are 123 bike stations available in multiple key spots of the city center and one of them is located within a 100 meters from our Campus.

There are two rental options at your disposal:

Annual Pass (You must previously request a Madrid Public Transportation Card)

- Requires a down payment of 15€ for your bike card.
- You will pay a 0.40€-0-50€ fee for rides shorter than 30min long.
- If your ride exceeds 2hours, then you will pay a 4€ fee.

You may request your annual pass on this link

Daily Pass (from 1-4 days)

- You will pay a 2€ fee for rides shorter than 30min long.
- If your ride exceeds 2hours, then you will pay a 4€ fee.

Daily passes can be issued at the bike stations Totem on the spot.


The local network of the Spanish train company, Cercanías RENFE, runs between most towns in the Madrid area and the city center.

Fares for the local trains vary depending on the zone.

The RENFE train circuit in Spain also connects big national and international cities. For more information please click here.

Parking lots near Campus

In order for the rates kisted below to be applicable, students’ parking ticket must contain an IE Stamp that validates the request. You must request the stamp at the MM31Bis building reception also showing your Student ID.

Parking General Oraa, 14: 2€ per hour or fraction. No minute-by-minute rate available. Key must be left with the attendant. Only 8€ for external car wash + 1 hour of free parking.

Parking Claudio Coello, 139: 20% discount in minute-by-minute rate. 170€/month the yearly subscription (VAT included). Key must be left with the attendant.

Parking Público La Caixa: 2.40€/hour or fraction. No minute-by-minute rate available. Applicable every day of the week.

Vinnci Park: María de Molina 48-50, 15% discount tickets on current rate. Discount tickets available at campus receptions. Discount off the afternoon vouchers in monthly rates.

Mobile Services

Mobile Phone

If you haven’t unlocked your phone, we recommend you do so at one of the following places:
• Mobile Center: located in Calle Francisco Silvela, 69.
• Doctor Sim: located in Serrano 216.

If you already unlocked your phone or need to get a new one, then you can go to the company of your choice to find the service that best fits your needs. You have two options: phone contract or prepaid phone.

For phone contracts you can contact Movistar, Orange, Vodaphone, Jazztel or Yoigo. Please be aware that in order to sign a contract with any of these companies you will have to present a valid NIE Card (Spanish residence card) and a Spanish bank account number. Also remember that if you decide to withdraw from the contract before the deadline arrives, then you might have to pay an extra fee.

For prepaid phone service, which is the easiest to get as soon as you arrive, we recommend Yoigo.

Internet and Landlines

In case the apartment you decide to rent does not include Internet and phone line installed, try to convince your landlord to get it for you. If that doesn’t work, the best option is to hire services from the same company where you got your mobile phone in “bundle”.
If you do not wish to have a term contract for Internet and a phone line with any company, we recommend getting ONO.

Discounts and Benefits

Identify yourself as part of the IE community with your Student ID, you will be able to enjoy several discounts and opportunities! Figure out what benefits are at your disposal in the Alumni Benefit Website here.

Other Services

Youth Card and Youth City Services

Youth Card

The Madrid Youth Card, available to citizens under 30 years old, will provide you with access to several discounts locally and internationally. You can request the Youth Card on this link.

Youth Centers

Centro Regional de Información y Documentación Juvenil (Regional Youth Information and Documentation Center).
Address: Paseo de Recoletos 7-9, planta baja 28004, Madrid.

Oficina de Información Juvenil de Sol (Youth Information Office – Plaza del Sol)

Address: Sol metro station, main hallway. Open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm non-stop.

Request the Madrid Youth Card here.


Information about embassies is available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 2 pm through the online embassy service, which provides information about diplomatic representation in Spain.

Contact Phone: 913799600

For more information click here

Discounts and Benefits.

Identify yourself as part of the IE community with your Student ID, you will be able to enjoy several discounts and opportunities!

Figure out what benefits are at your disposal in the Alumni Benefit Website here.