Services in Segovia

What you need to know to get by in Segovia!

Services in Segovia

We are constantly aware of our student’s needs upon arrival and during their stay at IEU. In this section, IEU Student life lays out a set of suggestions to inform students about basic procedures in order to settle in at a new home town such as opening a bank account, finding transportation, hiring mobile, land lines and internet services, and accessing discounts available to students in Segovia.

If you are new to the city, we recommend you follow the following to-do list upon arrival:

1. Find Accommodation.

2. Open a Bank Account.

3. Get a phone and/or internet contract.

4. Pick your preferred transportation mechanism.

5. Identify health services nearby.

You will find information to walk you through each of these five steps in different sections of the Student Life website.

Read our suggestions and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

Bank Services

Banks in Madrid, usually open from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm. During winter, savings banks also open on Thursday afternoons.

Regardless of your nationality, you will need to provide evidence of your resident or non- resident status in Spain in order to open a bank account in the country.

When opening an account, we recommend you to do this in a bank office near to your home or close to campus; In Spain several bank operations can only be performed in same office where you opened your bank account.

We recommend you to use the services of Banco Sabadell. This bank provides our students with financial aid plans and makes opening a bank account easier.

If you are interested in opening a new account at distance, please contatc us.


Segovia’s public transport system is much smaller that Madrid’s and there’s no metro; however, its buses provide complete coverage.

The Urbanos de Segovia is the name for the local bus network you can use to move around within the city. A ticket to ride costs 0,93 euros however you receive important discounts if you purchase a transport card (known as the "Abono Transporte Segovia") upon which you can add fare money. With this card the fares work out as follows:

· Monday to Saturday from 7,30 to 9,30 : 0,26 €
· Monday to Saturday rest of the day: 0,55 €
· Sundays and Holidays: 0,95 €
· Youth Fare (applies for M-S rest of day): 0,39 €

The Abono Transporte Segovia card can be purchased for 2,00€ on Calle Juan Bravo, 6 (Phone: 921462727) from 9:00 to 14:00 hours and from 17:00 to 20:00 hours. It functions as a rechargeable pass that can have multiples of 5,00€ added to it. When you run out of credit, the card can be recharged at the place of purchase or directly onboard any bus. You will be asked to bring a photocopy of your DNI, NIE or residence card.

Mobile Services

Mobile Phone

The largest providers of mobile phone service here in Segovia are Vodafone, Orange, and Movistar. Each has a small shop here in the city that is centrally located, especially around Calle Gobernador Fernández Jiménez, 13.

In many, but not all cases, mobile phone providers will not provide students with a contract until you have obtained your local NIE, or residence, card (see the appropriate section for further immigration information).

If you want a local number right away, you can request to be assigned a prepaid local mobile number card.

Note that whether agents can help you in English or not is a question of luck! In any case, the Student Office can give you language assistance if you are having difficulties.

Internet and Landlines

In case the apartment has no Internet and phone line installed, try to convince your landlord to get it for you. If not, the best option is to contract the same company where you got your local mobile phone number. They can provide you with Internet and phone line service giving you a “complete package” for less money. Just be aware that these contracts often bind the client for 12-18 months- If you plan to have the service for less time, you will need to pay a penalty to break the contract.

If you do not wish to have a term contract for Internet and phone line with any company, we recommend getting ONO.

Don't worry about language since all the big providers have English-speaking attendants (you may have to request the "departamento de idiomas").

Other Services

Youth City Services


The Segovian Youth Card

Visit the Casa Joven on Paseo San Juan de la Cruz, s/n, to get this free card from 10:00 to 14:00 h or from 17:00 to 21:00 h, Monday to Friday. You must bring your NIE (residence document) and a Census Registration Certificate (called the “Empadronamiento”, if you haven’t done this, it’s pretty quick to do at the City Hall at the Plaza Mayor) with you to apply. Fully detailed steps (in Spanish) are available on the official website.

The Communitarian Youth Card

This is valid not just for Segovia but also for the whole community of Castilla y Leon. Unlike the Segovia Youth Card this costs 3, 6, or 9 € to purchase (corresponding to 1-3 years use respectively). You will need to visit the JCyL offices at one of 4 places in the city. It appears you only need to bring your NIE and a Spanish passport-sized photo to get this one.

The ISIC international Student Card

An internationally recognized card in 120 countries which adds a number of discounts that go beyond a regular youth card. To apply, bring your university student card, a signed certificate of study enrollment, proof of your date of birth, and a passport-sized photograph to one of the points of sale in Madrid listed on this website. The cost is approximately 6 €.

Find more information on the Communitarian Youth Card here.


Information about embassies is available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 2 pm through the online embassy service, which provides information about diplomatic representation in Spain.

Contact Phone: 913799600

Find more information on this website.

Discounts and Benefits

Identify yourself as part of the IE community with your Student ID, you will be able to enjoy several discounts and opportunities!

Figure out what benefits are at your disposal in the Alumni Benefit Website here.