IEU Amigo Program

About the Amigo Program

The Amigo Program is a new service for Exchange Students visiting us from our partner universities. It offers the company of our volunteer student buddies (an Amigo) who personally shows them the ropes around campus and the local city during the first months of their experience at IE University.

If you are an Exchange Student:

You can get in touch online with your Amigo several weeks before your first day of classes, a perfect moment to ask about Spain, classes, professors, activities, places to visit, etc. That way, when you arrive on campus, you will already have a close friend!

If you are a student at IE University:

If you are considering going on exchange, this is also an opportunity to befriend exchange students from different partner universities you may be interested in applying to!

What does an Amigo do?

1. Answer practical questions that Exchange Students may have prior to their arrival to IE University.

2. Act as a guide on the first months once they are on campus.

3. Introduce them to different circles of friends.

For more information, please contact us at

Apply Now!

  • I am an exchange Student

    If you are planning on coming to IE University, you will be able to request for an Amigo on the online application form through our Department of International Mobility.

  • I want to enroll as an Amigo

    If you are a returning student, and would like to sign up as an Amigo, please fill out the Sign-up Form by 30 April. THE REGISTRATION PERIOD FOR FALL 2015 HAS ENDED AND IS CURRENTLY CLOSED.

    NOTE: As you register as an Amigo or buddy, please keep the following in mind:

    • The Amigo Program is independent from the Mentorship Program.
    • You can be an Amigoand a Mentor at the same time.
    • The Amigo Program is a one-month commitment, only.
    • The Amigo Program is offered twice a year, on September and January (you register to both separately).
    • As an Amigo, you may be assigned up to 5 Incoming Exchange Students.
    • As an Amigo, you are expected to attend the welcoming event for Incoming Exchange Students at the beginning of the semester.
    • As an Amigo, you may also join the Exchange Society and participate in its monthly cultural and leisure activities during the semester.