Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence - Incubator Program

Create AI technologies to reshape industries
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Pier 17: Developing Disruptive Tech Professionals

Pier 17 is a cutting-edge AI Incubator Program offered as part of the Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Broken down into three core areas, students are challenged to put skills into practice as they develop, test, and present an AI prototype throughout the four years of their degree.

As part of the AI incubator, the fourth-year Capstone or Moonshot project can be moved to the first year, allowing students to bring their idea into the Tech Lab earlier. With access to this dynamic, hands-on space for tech development, students can become eligible for an internship opportunity in year three that’s directly linked to their Moonshot project. What’s more, students gain access to incredible connections with companies and industry professionals. In the fourth year, this may even open the door to sponsors or investors after the program ends.

Throughout the AI incubator, students will also be given the chance to obtain Technology Readiness Level (TRL) certifications for their new technology, up to level four. The TRL methodology, which is followed by both NASA and the European Commission, has nine levels in total.

Beyond the hard skills and door-opening connections, students obtain a disruptive mindset that is increasingly vital in today’s rapidly changing market landscape. The hands-on experience empowers students with a more in-depth understanding of AI tech—and develops their razor-sharp competitive edge.

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"Pier 17 has presented me with the opportunity to realize my dreams in a guided environment. I love the fact that I have the freedom to develop anything I want with the supervision of professionals in order to help me prepare me for my future. "
Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
"The Pier 17 incubator program is a unique opportunity for students to experiment with ground-breaking technologies, explore their interests, and form connections for future internships and capstone investments."
Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
"I have always believed that quality education is the key to a brighter future for humankind."
Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
"I believe that Pier 17 will significantly contribute to my academic career by allowing me to develop my tech prototype. I see it as a truly amazing experience that will help me with my professional growth. "
Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
"Thanks to Pier 17, we can put everything that we are learning into practice and acquire knowledge on the latest technologies"
Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
"I believe that IE University has a powerful network that will provide me with access to opportunities."
Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

Why take part in the Pier 17 incubator?

Bring theory to life

The tools and concepts you gain throughout the bachelor’s can all be explored in this AI incubator. With the space to let your ideas take shape, you can fully understand the practical reality of working on AI projects.

Become a certified tech professional

Prove your tech prowess by gaining Technology Readiness Level (TRL) certifications up to level four. Consisting of nine levels in total, this framework is followed by both NASA and the European Commission.

Kick-start your Capstone project

Already got an innovative AI idea? Pier 17 allows you to move your fourth-year Capstone or Moonshot project to the first year of your program. By ensuring the proof of concept earlier, you can perfect the design—and even connect it to an intern opportunity in your third year!

Gain access to life-changing opportunities

Our Global Mirror AI Incubator provides incredible access to the world’s top corporations and dynamic startups. Beyond strengthening your network, your Moonshot project showcase could even lead to financing to bring it to market.

Sharpen your competitive edge

Developing a disruptive mindset is crucial in today’s rapidly developing market. By taking part in this AI incubator, you will truly understand the artificial intelligence technologies offered today, and sharpen your competitive edge.


Consisting of three areas spread throughout four years, the Pier 17 program perfectly complements your Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence learning journey.

  • YEAR 1

    Create your “back of an envelope” idea to be developed over the program. Your feasible idea will have a clear definition of physical laws, mathematical observations and algorithmic approaches. In this stage, your academic research will begin to shift into applied research and development.

  • YEAR 2

    Advance your concept and test to prove technical approaches. This includes inventing practical applications of your technology and starting in depth R&D.

    Present your Moonshot project idea to potential corporate sponsors in the Moonshot showroom.

  • YEAR 3

    Initiate analytical and laboratory studies to validate predictions regarding your technology.

    Work with the potential corporate sponsors in an internship period, while testing your prototype in their real laboratories.

    Test your technology’s function and/or characteristic proof-of-concept.

  • YEAR 4

    At level four, the basic technological components are integrated to establish their ability to work together in a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). An MVP allows early users to provide further feedback to the product’s development.

    With First Global Mirror AI Incubator, you get the opportunity to formally present your Moonshot to investors and other corporations.

    Continue testing and experimenting with your technology to maximize potential success.