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Building Experiences

For the Advertising Creativity class group project, students had to create a visual campaign that responds to the changes—such as increased consumer power—that the Digital Revolution is causing in today’s markets. They were challenged to collaborate with their teams to develop a creative campaign for Coca-Cola that focused on togetherness. The students went above and beyond, coming up with truly innovative ideas based on the insights they gained during the Advertising Creativity module.
  • Program

    Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media
  • Author (Students)

    Gal Elisa Benzadon

    Aanabela Morey

    Pedro Yague

    Laura Ortega

    Laura Barakha

    Martina Hinojosa

  • Tutors

    Jon Lavin Velazquez

  • Subject

    Advertising Creativity

Our students tell us about their project:

"By drawing on everything that we had learned in the Advertising Creativity module, we were challenged to work in teams to create an original campaign for Coca-Cola highlighting the theme of togetherness. After creating a few mock-ups, we decided to call our campaign “Building Experiences” and base it on a Catalonian tradition called Castellets. This tradition, which consists of making human towers, highlights the importance of having fun while working together. Focusing on the Castellets was perfect because not only does it promote a united Spain, but the human towers also take the shape of a Coca-Cola bottle" - Anabela Morey