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Dusk till Dawn

Dusk till Dawn is designed to help night owls and morning people adapt to each other’s natural rhythms. While one is in their natural, productive mode, the wearer of the device stays awake as the headpiece triggers their senses. Triggering touch, sight and hearing, it increases focus by pitching a perfect balance between unbearable and comfortable.

A piece cast to fit the forehead achieves this, by pressing on three pressure points.
It is secured by two wire structures, which cause some discomfort, below the jaw. The slightest movement of the head triggers sound from the curtains of metallic beads and bells which cover the ears. In a nod to Maiko Takeda’s work, a structure of iridescent and translucent plastic pieces reflect all light, producing a disturbing, flickering movement, without inhibiting sight.
  • Program

    Bachelor in Design
  • Author (Students)

    Carla Rotenburg

    Lucia de la Torre

  • Tutors

    Arantxa Ozaeta

    Alvaro Martin

  • Subject

    Introduction to Design Studio II