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Instant Gratification

The final project of the “Representation and Media Ethics” class, required students to work in teams to develop a creative and original piece of audiovisual art. The teams were tasked with designing and creating a new, imaginative piece of art that addressed an ethical dilemma surrounding representation. The projects were an ambitious and impressive end to the course, with students putting into practice everything they had learned so far and presenting their innovative ideas to the rest of the class.
  • Program

    Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media
  • Author (Students)

    Sveva Fossati

    Martina Hinojosa

    Iona Gaul

    Maria Fernanda Gutiérrez

    Tove Heijne

    Adele Goujard

    Bao Huynh

    Enrique García

  • Tutors

    Miguel Alexandre Barreiro

  • Subject

    Representation and Media Ethics

Our students tell us about their project:

"For our final project we created a short movie. Our inspiration drew from the fact that we live in a fast-paced, constantly evolving world which prioritizes instant gratification over lifelong contentment. We expect responses to our texts within seconds, hundreds of likes on our Instagram photos, and answers to questions at the click of a button. What we tend to neglect is the myriad of negative health side effects, both mental and physical, that this leads to. It’s time to address this reality and become more aware of how to achieve long-term happiness as opposed to short-term satisfaction." - Sveva Fossati