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Llama App

This course transports students to the other side of the web, placing them in the position of web designers. Students explore the elements that make websites and web applications easy to use, useful and enjoyable. Split into two phases, students begin by analyzing the planning and conceptualization process, delving into the five pillars of user experience and moving from the most abstract (planning) to the most concrete (mockups). In the final phase, students will go behind the scenes of web browsers to see how these designs are brought to life.


We worked in groups to create and develop an app and website, using the theoretical and practical skills we developed in web design, app development and coding. My team and I created a fully functioning app and web prototype of IIama. This is an app that boosts social interaction between people with similar interests and hobbies. Users select what mode they are in—gym, study, shopping, movie, party, etc.—and join friends who are in similar modes. With this function, we hope that IIama fosters new connections and strengthens existing ones.