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Sketching Ideas

Sketching Ideas is a compendium of essays written and produced by first- and second-year students in the Bachelor in Design.

The objective of Sketching Ideas is to shine a spotlight on the critical and theoretical frameworks that form the basis of a designer's thought process. This is the start of a running archive of the thoughts and reflections of our students throughout their theoretical classes. The magazine showcases our students’ writing, capturing the intellectual debates and ideas that form the backdrop to their physical submissions to our annual design exhibitions.

Created by a team of students and professors, these essays display our writers’ insights into the world of design. In particular, they focus on how design as a written construct can generate new avenues for discussion in today’s society. The essays demonstrate how design can function as a placeholder for questions, showing that designers not only produce objects or solutions, but actively participate in critical thinking exercises that reflect the world around us while pushing its boundaries.

  • Program

    Bachelor in Design
  • Author (Students)

    Adelaida Balthazar, Rafaela Valencia-Dongo, Monica Pastor, Anna Lassen, Irene Delgado, Naqiya Kantawala, Federica Caso, Nicole Beltrán, Anurag Phalke, Mae White, Nicholas Saye, Alejandra Alonso-Majagranzas, MJ Heshiki

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