Tristán Sartorius- Student Story Bachelor in Architectural Studies | IE University

Tristán Sartorius

About me

I was born in Madrid, but have lived in various places around the world. I currently live in La Granja de San Ildefonso—a small town next to Segovia. Living on my own and in a different country at a young age taught me that the world is full of adventure, amazing people and unique cultures. My time in the US sparked my desire to discover new places. I am passionate about spaces and the way we interact with them, so architecture is the perfect fit for me. In my free time, I like to spend time with friends and enjoy the outdoors.

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Tristán Sartorius- Student Story Bachelor in Architectural Studies | IE University

"The emphasis IE University puts on entrepreneurship and teamwork intensified my drive to apply since I consider both to be crucial tools for my future."

Tristán Sartorius

Helping transform Segovia from day one

As the only Spanish-born architecture student in his cohort, Tristán’s interest in new places and experiences has become even more profound. One of the first things that drew him to IE University was its diversity—he thinks it’s incredible that the university has created such a vibrant community with people from all over the globe. The emphasis IE University puts on entrepreneurship and teamwork further intensified his drive to apply, as he considers both to be crucial tools for his future.

Tristán has been passionate about spaces and how we interact with them since he was little, so architecture was an easy choice for him. As he looked at different programs, he was impressed that IE University gave students the chance to explore and examine the field more profoundly. What’s more, Tristán loves studying in Segovia, especially with its history, architecture and charming community. Apart from being a magical place to study, its close connection to nature inspires his creativity and pushes him further toward finding solutions to everyday problems.

So far, Tristán has been more than impressed with what the School of Architecture and Design offers students. The studios allow students to connect and work together in a safe and productive environment, and provide an array of high-tech tools for project development and prototyping processes.

Outside of studying, Tristán likes spending time with friends through community-building activities like sports, music and cultural events. The sense of belonging across IE University’s array of clubs makes it easy to participate in the student lifestyle. Although he hasn’t joined a particular club or team, he and his friends always find time to play soccer on Fridays after class.

Through the IE University community, Tristán has connected with incredible people that he wouldn’t have met otherwise—and there are new experiences to be had each and every day. Inside the classroom, Tristán benefits from passionate professors and a hands-on teaching approach: he learns inside tips and anecdotes directly from the field, while also experiencing what it’s like to work in a design studio with daily critiques. Outside of the classroom, Tristán practices his new skills in the IE Lab programs, with real projects creating solutions for the city’s problems.

Last year, Tristán participated in the Design Lab, where he developed tangible projects that are currently coming to fruition. His team was asked by Segovia’s city hall to improve children’s parks in time for summer. They developed a series of small houses, or casetas, with different geometries that adapted to every single issue he studied. The casetas will serve as mini summer libraries due to COVID-19 library restrictions. After six months of close contact with the city hall, Tristán is proud to say that the casetas are close to completion—a huge victory for his first real experience in the architecture field.

Tristán believes that everything happens for a reason and that the more you give, the more you receive. He is now working on other projects in Segovia and continues to thrive in the field. You can also find him enjoying what he describes as a typical day for an IE University student: watching a vibrant, colorful sunset with friends and listening to music in the fresh countryside air.