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Bachelor in Humanities

duration4 years
locationSegovia and Madrid
Mode of StudyFull-time
duration4 years
locationSegovia and Madrid
Mode of StudyFull-time


The Bachelor in Humanities is an innovative, multidisciplinary program designed to equip you with the analytical and digital competencies, and the hard and soft skills, necessary for professional success and positive societal impact. Our renowned faculty comprises leading scholars in the humanities who will guide you in developing critical perspectives to understand complex scenarios. Additionally, we have practitioners and experts from the digital field, experienced upper managers who will assist you in mastering a diverse range of quantitative and digital tools. You’ll maximize your ability to foresee long-term challenges and develop informed solutions to forge the future as a purposeful leader.

The humanities are what distinguish us from other species and machines. Our capacity for critical analysis, our inherent pursuit of creative excellence, our empathy and compassion, and our innate need to comprehend the world around us are precisely the qualities that define our human nature. The Bachelor in Humanities introduces an entirely novel and customizable approach to the field, combining the world's traditional disciplines with managerial tools and the latest technological innovations. This unique blend empowers you not just to envision the future, but to transform it.

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Bachelor's Degree in Humanities | IE University




Ambitious, critical thinkers who are passionate about gaining a deeper understanding of the long-standing, rigorous disciplines of the humanities; who are conscious of how emerging technologies are shaping the future and are willing to embrace them to make an impact.


The analytical, digital and quantitative tools and hard skills necessary to understand complexity and address long-term change, and the acquisition and development of key transferable skills such as critical thinking, creativity and innovation, communication, intercultural sensitivity and cultural awareness, problem-solving and foresight, ethics and integrity.


  • A technology ethics consultant
  • A cultural institution manager
  • A content creator
  • A creative director for video games
  • A heritage expert
  • A UX researcher
Location - 2 years in Segovia and 2 years in Madrid | IE University


If you choose to study the Bachelor in Humanities, then you will study the first two years in Segovia and the last two years in Madrid. 

*This program is under verification process and is subject to change


The program uniquely blends well-established disciplines such as history, philosophy and art with new digital concepts and tools such as algorithmic thinking, coding and data mining. Here are five reasons to take the Bachelor in Humanities at IE University.



The Bachelor in Humanities is built on a profound understanding of humankind. Through the rigorous, long-standing disciplines of the humanities, you´ll delve into the transcultural exchanges that have shaped global history and explore the influential ideas that have deeply influenced our social organization. But this is a bachelor’s degree that fearlessly looks ahead too. By critically analyzing the past, you’ll be able to extract valuable foresight for the future through a lens of empathy and compassion. Equipped with robust hard skills alongside analytical and digital tools, you´ll become a strategic leader with a deep understanding of current and future global events, ready and able to bring about meaningful change.



The Bachelor in Humanities positions you, as a future graduate, in high demand by employers in a wide range of industries and roles. You´ll obtain a solid set of hard and soft skills which will elevate your competitiveness in the global job market. Along with the mastery of digital tools and quantitative competencies such as coding and algorithmic thinking, you´ll also acquire marketable soft skills sought out by employers worldwide. These include critical thinking, creativity and innovation, communication, intercultural sensitivity and cultural awareness, problem-solving and foresight, ethics and integrity.



Creativity is the essence of our humanity, defining us in a way that sets us apart. From envisioning parallel universes to composing captivating symphonies and expressing abstract ideas, creativity has been an integral part of our existence since the very beginning of civilization. The Bachelor in Humanities offers a thrilling, individualized journey for you to nurture your own creativity as well as your capacity to appreciate and understand the world through the creative expression of others. At IE University, we take pride in our commitment to fostering creativity among our students, exemplified by initiatives like the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities.



The Bachelor in Humanities, through its foundation in various humanities disciplines such as literature and philosophy, offers practical engagement with sophisticated texts and critical analysis of the written word. In turn, you´ll gain valuable experience—examining ideas critically, then synthesizing and expressing them—to excel as a powerful communicator and leader. This mastery of expression gives you a competitive advantage in the job market, especially in roles related to generative AI, emerging technologies and big tech, where you will be required to train and analyze new algorithms and different patterns of expression.



Throughout the age of humanity, technological advancements such as tools and machinery have always been present as civilizations evolve. Just as cave paintings, language and the written word were innovations of their time, today we live in an era of advanced digital technologies that join this long line of humanity and innovation. The humanities serve a unique role of cause and effect in technological advancement.

Our Bachelor in Humanities acknowledges the unique period in human advancement in which we’re currently living by integrating digital tools as an essential component in the curriculum. You will receive training in applicable skills such as coding, natural language processing (NLP) and 3D modeling, which have broad applications across numerous professions. Moreover, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of these tools through a thorough exploration of ethical considerations related to algorithmic thinking and emerging technologies. This dual approach will enable you to become a professional who not only possesses technical proficiency and efficiency, but also demonstrates adaptability and consideration of how these advancements affect humanity on a larger scale.



This program takes a contemporary and innovative approach to long-standing disciplines of humanities. Through the study of literature, history, philosophy and art, among others, at the intersection of digital and emerging technology, the program creates a multidisciplinary and global environment that will dare you to take on new perspectives. By embracing this contemporary approach, you´ll be able to understand and navigate complex global challenges, informed by time-honored disciplines and equipped with the digital and quantitative skills to take real action.


The Bachelor in Humanities embraces the digital and technological realm as an ongoing and constantly evolving advancement in humanity. With a curriculum designed to train you in the latest digital skills and the option to specialize in the Advanced Digital Tools and Methods track, you´ll gain confidence in essential skills such as coding and natural language processing to succeed in diverse digital landscapes.  In a rapidly evolving world, this digital fluency, ability to leverage technology and innovative thinking will set you apart as a future change-maker in a variety of professional roles and a wide range of industries.


This program is designed for future leaders who want to make a significant impact on a global scale. IE University takes great pride in its diverse community, and the Bachelor in Humanities takes a global approach to the study of the discipline. Rather than rigidly categorizing the world into Western and non-Western spheres, this program focuses on the interconnected networks that have shaped our global landscape. Through this celebration of diversity and the wide array of cultural perspectives present in the classroom, you´ll emerge as a more culturally sensitive and socially aware individual. Additionally, from a deep understanding of ethics, linguistics and thick data, you´ll also be capable of addressing complex challenges such as the design, distribution and use of emerging technologies.


In our fast-changing world, it is important to select a program that provides you not only with key transferable skills, but also with the ability to adapt to emerging complexities over time. The Bachelor in Humanities equips you with the tool kit necessary to become a lifelong learner—someone who can inquire, analyze and take action in future scenarios. Upon graduation, you will be prepared to work as a strategy consultant, a technology ethics consultant, a cultural institution manager, an HR manager, a UX researcher or a marketing and communications specialist. By giving you an education that does not expire, this program will allow you to master cutting-edge tools and skills, ensuring you have the long-term ability to remain a highly skilled professional for decades to come.


IE School of Humanities is different: our programs are designed especially to be relevant to the 21st century. We’re ready to confront the challenges posed by humanity’s relationship with technology and each other with lasting actions for a better tomorrow.

Step into the future with María José Ferrari, Vice Dean of the IE School of Humanities at IE University.

Student Stories

At IE University, more than 75% of our student body comes from outside Spain, representing an average of 130 nationalities on campus each year. We take great pride in these numbers—and in the individuals behind them. 

Our students are natural go-getters with a global outlook and a dream of a better future. Regardless of their degrees or passions, they strive every day to unleash their innovative potential and reach their goals. Driving this shared vision are people from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and life experiences. They are both united and entirely unique. These are our students. Discover their stories.


Catalina Tejero, Vice Dean of the IE School of Humanities, guides us through the fundamental elements of the Bachelor in Humanities and shares her vision for the program's future.

Catalina Tejero, vice dean of Arts & Humanities at IE University

Faculty Stories

Our 500-strong faculty guides students to unleash their potential day in, day out. Their influence across all five Schools can’t be overstated, inspiring young, energetic minds as they define their personal and professional trajectories. 

But what kind of person does it take to create such impact? The individuals that make up the IE University faculty are special. Coming from diverse, global backgrounds, they each bring distinct perspectives and innovative ideas that embody what makes IE University stand out. Their stories are personal and unique—but don’t take our word for it. Read their stories to see for yourself.

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What is a BA in Humanities?

A Bachelor's degree in Humanities is an undergraduate academic degree program that focuses on the study of various aspects of human culture, society, and history. It is a broad field of study that encompasses subjects such as literature, philosophy, history, art, music, languages, cultural studies, and more. For the first time in Spain, the Bachelor in Humanities at IE University offers a transformative educational experience that opens doors to impactful opportunities. With a fusion of classical knowledge and contemporary developments, you will be well-equipped to make a lasting difference in our shared future.

What do you do in a Humanities program?

The Bachelor in Humanities offers a thrilling and individualized journey for you to nurture your own creativity, whether it takes the form of writing, music, art, theater or any visual medium. At IE University, we take pride in our commitment to fostering creativity among our students, exemplified by initiatives like the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities.

Is the Bachelor in Humanities a BA or a BS?

A bachelor in humanities can be either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS), depending on the university and the specific program structure.

What is a humanities major?

The Bachelor in Humanities introduces an entirely novel approach to the field, combining wisdom from the world's oldest disciplines with managerial tools and the latest technological innovations. This unique blend empowers you to truly shape the meaning of the future.

What can you do with this degree?

Professionals with a deep understanding of the humanities who can think critically about future challenges are in high demand. The holistic curriculum offered by the Bachelor in Humanities at IE University includes solid theoretical foundations and transferable practical skills that will allow you to achieve a successful and meaningful professional path in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.