Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media Lead the way in innovative communication


4 years




Segovia and Madrid

Communication is key

The way we communicate has changed. New platforms that continue to evolve mean communication professionals need to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies if they want to be heard. This program is designed to harness your creativity using cutting-edge digital tech. You will learn the technical tools and strategies necessary to design and implement effective and innovative communication and marketing campaigns. This program transcends conventional communications programs, you will get hands-on experience creating, shaping, delivering, and measuring successful communication and marketing messages in a wide range of formats and platforms.

Why the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media?

This program has been designed for creatives who want to get their message heard. You will learn to think outside the box, but also to look at the numbers and analyze in order to develop and implement strategic, effective marketing campaigns in the digital world.

The skills you'll walk away with

  • Year one

    Building brand identity

    You will learn how to successfully and strategically create branding campaigns, branded content and storytelling for businesses and organizations. You’ll learn new skills in photography and video production, web and apps design, events creation and production and creation, and management of advertising campaigns.

  • Year two

    Getting the message heard

    You will learn about media planning, public relations, digital marketing (SEO/SEM) and social media strategy and community management to create a successful communications campaigns. You will look at strategic use of diverse platforms for effective exposure.

  • Year three

    Getting creative and managing the goods

    Create out-of-the-box audiovisual content, managing and planning production. Learn the ins and outs of sales and acquisition, marketing and distribution of audiovisual content. Learn corporate communication, strategy planning and crisis management and innovation and digital transformation techniques in the corporate world.

  • Year four

    Getting to work

    Choose the courses that most inspire you, and dive into creative project management, global challenges and consultation for communication. In the second half of your final year you will complete your final project, applying everything you have learned to solve a real-world problem.

Where Communication and Digital Media alumni are now

Our students come into the program from a diversity of backgrounds and come out of it multifaceted, versatile professionals ready to lead the way in the new world of work. Here’s what some of them are up to now:

Felipe Maria Rukavina

Import/ Export Olive Oil Company

Esa Gonzáles and Giulia Oliveira

Web services: Airbnb in Portugal and Spain, Casting Web for multi-language talent in Portugal

Guy de Bordas

Team XI T-shirt Brand

Catharina Brenner Doria


A holistically innovative program

Creation from the start

You will begin creating using state-of-the-art resources and tools almost as soon as you walk through the door. By the end of your fourth year you will have built an impressive portfolio.

Forward-thinking design

This program is about communication and marketing in the new world of work. It has been created to prepare professionals for the careers of the future, concentrating on the latest in tech and innovation.

Experts in the field leading the way

Your professors will bring the real-world of work right into the classroom, teaching from executive experience in the field.

Experimentation in the MediaLab

The MediaLab is key to this program. This is where you will be able to experiment, work in teams, let your imagination run wild and tame it into innovative content, learning how to manage production and collaboration.

International experience in the classroom

International students will inspire you with diverse perspectives. With over 70% of students coming from outside of Spain, you will get international exposure and network with people from around the world right in the classroom.

Ideate, create, lead

You will learn to unleash your creativity, think critically, strategize, work in teams… becoming an expert in designing, creating, managing and leading effective communication campaigns in the fast paced digital world.

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