Bachelor in Economics

Drive economics in the new digital era.

4 years




Segovia and Madrid

Tomorrow’s economy is here

As digital technologies enter the local and global economic landscape, opportunities and challenges in the field of economics are increasing at an unprecedented rate. This program is designed for passionate, analytical students who are equally excited by the nitty gritty of data analysis as they are by the prospect of untangling complex international dilemmas. You will learn about topics ranging from human behavior to game theory, all from world-class faculty who follow an innovative and multidisciplinary teaching methodology. Graduates are well-prepared to create lasting impact on their workplaces, the government, or even society as a whole.

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Why the Bachelor in Economics?

This program combines economics, political science, behavioral science, and modern applied technology, preparing students to analyze and then help solve the digital era's most pressing economic crises.

What you'll learn

  • Year one

    The Foundations

    During your first year, you will focus on building foundational skills that will be applicable throughout your career. In addition to mastering basic economic principles, you will hone your writing abilities, become a skilled statistician, and even learn programming.

  • Year two

    Diving deeper

    In your second year, you will study various subfields of economics, including institutional, financial, behavioral, and public economics. You will also study the new economy, and deepen your understanding of data science in a class designed specifically for economists.

  • Year three

    Finding your focus

    The first semester of your third year is spent studying current topics in the field, like cryptocurrency and innovation. Then, the second half of the year is filled with electives. This is your chance to pursue a topic that sparked your interest in a prior class.

  • Year four

    Finishing strong

    There are two options to choose from in your fourth year: the Economic and Financial Analysis for Business track and the Country, Sector, and Policy Analysis track. Both offer a selection of exciting classes, as well as the opportunity to complete a capstone project.

A connection methodology


World-class faculty

Our professors’ significant real-world experiences allow them to direct students to relevant contacts in diverse industries.


The exchange program

Studying at one of our 90 global partner institutions will allow you to gain global perspective and cross-cultural insight.



Our student-centered approach to education means that individuals’ strengths are recognized and fostered. Here, you choose your own path.


Research is in reach

IE’s own Center for the Governance of Change gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in an economic research center.


Collaborative core

Our program boasts the combined expertise of the IE School of Global and Public Affairs and the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology.


IEU Labs

IEU’s innovative take on a work placement, IEU Labs allow you to gain professional experience at a top company and grow your network.