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Isabel de Sivatte Font


Accounting & Management Control

Isabel has been teaching Management Control at IE University since 2015, and she has taught business administration at undergraduate and graduate (master) levels since 2005. Her research interests relate to Human Resource Management. She has studied the impact of providing work-life programs to employees (e.g., flexible schedules, telework) on their commitment, as well as on organizational productivity. One of the main findings of that line of research is the relevance of “work-life” culture and how it affects the results studied, even more so than formally offering work-life programs. She has also analyzed the effects of age, experience and education on employee productivity. This study concludes that older and more educated workers are more productive; experience also enhances productivity, but less so. Her current research projects relate to several Human Resource processes such as employee performance appraisals, the effects of voluntary turnover on company productivity, and on how companies manage expatriates. In these lines, she has investigated the factors that have some influence on how expatriate children adjust to the foreign countries where they move to with their expatriate parents.

Academic Background

• Ph.D. in Business Administration, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, 2010

• Master of the European Community of Management Schools (CEMS), École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC), Jouy-en-Josas (France), 1990

• MBA in Business Administration, ESADE  Spain, 1990

• Bachelor in Business Administration, ESADE, Spain, 1990

Academic Experience

• Assistant Professor, IE University, Spain, 2015-present

• Professor, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, 2005-2015

• Visiting scholar, Boston College, USA, 2012, 2014

Corporate Experience

• International financial controller, Non-profit association, 1994-2002, Paris (France)

• International financial controller and Human Resource officer, Non-profit association, 1993-1994, Brussels (Belgium)

Latest Publications

de Sivatte, I., Gordon, J., Olmos, R., Simón, C. (2019). “The Effects of Site Experience on Job Performance: A Missing Element in Work Experience”. The International Journal of Human Resource Management

de Sivatte, I., Bullinger, B., Cañamero, M., Martel, M. (2019). “Children of expatriates: Key factors affecting their adjustment”. Journal of Global Mobility, Vol. 7 (2): 213-236

de Sivatte, I., Olmos, R., Simón, C., Martel, M. (2018). “El efecto de la edad, la experiencia y la formación en la productividad laboral”. Cuadernos de información Económica, Vol. 263 (Mar-Abr)