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Margarita Mayo


Margarita Mayo


Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

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When, like Margarita Mayo, you are studying something as complex as workplace diversity and its effect on the way executive teams communicate and interact, it comes as no surprise that dilemmas will arise. And Prof Mayo has identified a key issue for companies trying to increase the diversity of their workforce.

“On one hand, flat structures are necessary for flexibility and to meet the demands of the new business environment”, she explains. “But on the other, diverse groups need leaders that can bring them together. So diversity is a double edged sword – the new knowledge and different perspective it brings is an advantage, but diversity generates emotional and social needs and requires a different type of leadership that can bring social cohesion and a new identity”.

These kinds of insights are what Prof Mayo  brings to her work not only on professional diversity but also on high-performance teams and the balance of professional and family life. And her research on what she calls “management seen from a more humanistic point of view” is complemented by the work she has done in the corporate world as a consultant and trainer for companies that include Indra, Morgan Stanley, Banesto and Telefónica.

A former award winner at the Center for Creative Leadership in 1996, in 2004 she was selected as one of the world´s next generation thought leaders (Next Generation Business Handbook, Subir Chowdhury (Ed.), Willey). Prof Mayo’s work has been published in leading academic journals, such as the Academy of Management Journal and the Leadership Quarterly. Her work has also appeared in national and international media, such as the Financial Times, Expansión, El Mundo, ABC and The Globe and Mail. At Instituto de Empresa, her work has focused on the design and launch of the new PhD programme.

Academic Background

• PhD in Organisational Behaviour with minor in Social Psychology, State University of New York at Buffalo (USA)

• MA in Social Psychology, Clark University (USA)

• BA in Psychology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)

• Fulbright Scholarship Holder, Harvard University (USA)

Academic Experience

• Professor of Organisational Behaviour, IE, 2000 to present

• Academic Director of the Centre for Diversity and Global Management, IE, 2003 to present

• Director of the PhD Programme, IE, 2004

• Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario (USA) 1997 to 2000

• Lecturer, Organisational Behaviour, State University of New York at Buffalo (USA) 1994 to 1997

Latest Publications

• Smulowitz, S., Becerra, M., Mayo, M. (2019). “Racial diversity and its asymmetry within and across hierarchical levels: The effects on financial performance”. Human Relations, Vol. 72 (10): 1671-1696

• Guillen, L., Mayo, M., Karelia, N. (2018). “Appearing self-confident and getting credit for it: Why it may be easier for men than women to gain influence at work”. Human Resource Management, Vol. 57 (4): 839-854

• Mayo, M. (2018). “Yours Truly: Staying Authentic in Leadership and Life”. Bloomsbury

• Mayo, M. (2017). “If humble people make the best leaders, why do we fall for charismatic narcissists?” Harvard Business Review, Vol. April

• Mayo, M., Kakarika, M., Mainemelis, B., Deuschel, N. A. (2017). “Metatheorical Framework of Diversity in Teams”. Human Relations, Vol. 70 (8): 911-939

• Firfiray, S., Mayo, M. (2017). “The Lure of Work-Life Benefit: Perceived Person-Organization Fit as a Mechanism Explaining Job Seeker Attraction to Organizations”. Human Resource Management, Vol. 56 (4): 629-649