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IE Sports & Well-being

At IE University, we firmly believe that athletic activities are an invaluable aspect of ensuring holistic education, providing our students unique opportunities to be challenged as they learn, grow, and achieve excellence.

IE Sports & Well-Being offers the opportunity to care for oneself by being active through sports and physical initiatives, within our IE community. We strive to maximize the student experience at IE by serving as a platform open for the entire community, where we can gather in a competitive or recreational atmosphere and help each other grow together. Through our wide variety of well-being and competitive sport offerings, no matter your interest or skill level, IE University provides its students with the opportunities to pursue their definition of well-being and achievement.

Our offer of experiences enriches and connects the IE University community through sport, fitness, our facilities, and adventure in the great outdoors. We are committed to advancing our students’ personal transformation, strengthening our IE Community, and encouraging active lifestyles that lead to lifelong well-being.

Within IE Sports & Well-Being, we house IE Recreational Sports, IE Athletics, and the IE Athletic Center. Through these areas, we offer our community hundreds of different recreational sports and well-being activities, along with 11 different competitive sports teams across 4 competitive levels.

Our values

Advance our students’ personal transformation

Strengthen our IE Community

Encourage active lifestyles that lead to lifelong well-being

Recreational Sports

Across our campuses, you will find our community enjoying an active lifestyle. Whether it be a drop-in volleyball game in our Sports Courts in Segovia, an early morning swim at the Athletic Center in the IE Tower, or a yoga class in María de Molina, our students make sure that rec sports play an important part of their daily lives.

Our Club Sports, Intramural Leagues, and Open sports connect athletes through friendly competition. Our Lifetime Sports, Outdoor Sports, and Fitness & Well-Being programs foster an active lifestyle, essential to thrive at IE University and into the future.

And of course, sharing experiences is one of the best ways to meet new people and make new friends… so join us in all the incredible experiences we create for you! Check out our page on IE Connects to see what’s going on, and to get involved.

Club & Intramural Sports | IE University


Stay active and have fun! Play with, and against, your peers in structured competition on a regular basis through club meet ups, intramural leagues, or flash tournaments. We offer the opportunity for you to continue playing your favorite sport or trying your hand at a number of non-conventional activities!

Open Sports | IE University


Our open sports are social at the heart. Drop-in to get some exercise, hang out with friends, or to try something new! We offer an array of open sports on a daily basis.


Get some fresh air, find yourself, grow together with new friends, and create lasting memories with land and water backcountry activities.

IEU Athletics | IE University


Develop the habit of getting physical exercise, with sports that can be played today and throughout your lifetime.

Recreational Sports | IE University


Classes, group activities, and training that drive physical well-being for the entire IE Community.

IE Athletics

IE Athletics offers our students the opportunity to represent IE University in a wide range of team sports and individual sports, in a competitive atmosphere. For student-athletes looking to continue developing their talent at the collegiate level, we offer our competitive Varsity Sports. Depending on the campus and sport chosen, our student-athletes will compete in leagues at the municipal, regional, or national level. We also face off against the other top universities in Spain and Europe, in different University competitions like the Rector’s Cup, Spanish University National Championships, or the MBAT Games.

Become a student-athlete to:
Represent IE University with Pride. Build lasting relationships with your teammates and the IE Athletics’ Family. Continue with your personal transformation, fostering inner growth through commitment to yourself and the team.
"My experience on the IE University soccer team has been extremely enriching. Firstly, the team allows me to continue with a sport I’ve been playing competitively for the past five years. Secondly, our training sessions enhance my discipline and commitment, which are very important skills not only for the workforce, which I’m hoping to join in a couple of years, but also for life in general. Lastly, I’ve been able to build a vast and diverse group of friends, which I’ll continue creating memories with for the rest of my life."
Christian Minondo, Guatemala
Madrid Men’s Soccer Team
"Being part of IE University Athletics is a unique opportunity that I’m extremely grateful to have been able to experience. I feel very engaged with the IE University community, and organizing events and seeing students enjoying themselves reminds me why I chose to get involved. Many people like me are passionate about skiing and the ski club allows us to share our passion with others who also love the sport. My experience as head of the ski club has really helped me to grow as a person and develop my communication, organization, and management skills."
Zoé Marin Crochon, France
Segovia Ski Team
"I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of IE University Athletics because it has allowed me to compete in a sport I really enjoy. My team has become really close which further increases the enjoyment and satisfaction I get when playing and representing the university. I believe it provides a great opportunity for people to get to know students from different courses while also being able to play in a serious competition every weekend."
Jaime Fernández Valencia, Spain
Madrid Men’s Futsal Team
"The most inspiring thing when participating in IE University Athletics is the team environment—the camaraderie between teammates, coaches, and other students at IE University who are involved in other sports. For me personally, being physically active is a great stress reliever and takes my mind away from the stress of classes and exams. I also really enjoy traveling to diverse places for tournaments."
Wade Christopher Cyr, United States
Basketball Men´s Segovia Team
"Being part of IE University Athletics has taught me teamwork, patience, and sacrifice. The cheerleading team has shown me that failure comes before success, and I couldn’t be more proud of the little family we’ve created. The key to being part of such a big team is always aspiring to give it your all, bringing as much energy and enthusiasm as you can to every training session, and really getting excited about it."
Greta Ynglad , Spain
Cheerleader Segovia Team

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IEU Athletics Center | IE University


The IE Athletic Center is ideally located on the -4th Floor of the IE Tower and is dedicated to bringing Sports & Well-Being to life, right in the heart of the IE Community.

The features:

• Multipurpose Gymnasium for Basketball, Volleyball, Indoor Football, and a wide range of other sports activities
• 4 Lane Swimming Pool
• Strength & Conditioning Room with state-of-the-art equipment
• Two Activity Rooms for Fitness Classes, Group Training, and Functional Training
• Fully equipped locker-rooms
• Personal Training
• Starting point for your outdoor activity through Madrid

Pista Segovia - Outdoor Sports | IE University


Our Outdoor Rec Sports Facilities are ideally located within the Segovia Campus. And is dedicated to bringing Sports & Well-Being to life, right in the heart of the IE Community.

The features:

• Full-length Basketball / Volleyball court
• Mini-Football Pitch
• Multi-functional training area
• Fully equipped locker-rooms
• Starting point for your outdoor activity in Segovia

For current students, faculty and staff check out the Athletic Center Web App to make reservations

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Where to find us

IE TOWER: P.º de la Castellana, 259 - 28046 Madrid, Spain
Calle María de Molina 31 (5th floor) 28046 Madrid, Spain
Calle Cardenal Zuñiga, 12 40003 Segovia, Spain


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