Junior Advisory Board


Each year we invite junior students from high schools worldwide to form part of the IE university Junior Advisory Board.

We’re looking for well-rounded students with a wide variety of interests, talents and opinions. Fifteen exceptional candidates, who stand out from the crowd showing their inquisitive minds and innovative spirit, are selected! We welcome them to participate in a one-week event and grant them an 80% scholarship to study at IE University. During the week, students take part in a series of workshops and conferences with top senior research professors from different fields of study to develop tools and work on the final project. Most importantly, students get to have input into the future of higher education since the project are presented to the IE University’s Executive Committee. The agenda is complemented with extracurricular activities and team building events.

If you enjoy public speaking and are happy to share your considered opinions in a multicultural, academic setting, this event is for you!

"The JAB unites people from all around the world to find new paths and overcome obstacles together."
"I wanted to participate in the JAB because it is a great opportunity to improve my leadership and problem-solving skills."
"Bringing all our different perspectives together is the best way to contribute with higher education."


Meet the Junior Advisory Board 2021 members, representing 10 countries and different nationalities from all the world's continents.
Francesca Etienne - JAB | IE University

Francesca Etienne

Country: Argentina

Vansh Bijlani - JAB | IE University

Vansh Bijlani

Country: India

Cloe Chapotot Abreu - JAB | IE University

Cloe Chapotot Abreu

Country: Dominican Republic

Dinda Winkler - JAB | IE University

Dinda Winkler

Country: Sweden

Carlota Navarro - JAB | IE University

Carlota Navarro

Country: Spain

Aswin SM - JAB | IE University

Aswin SM

Country: India

Kayla Vinh - JAB | IE University

Kayla Vinh

Country: United States of America

Kenan Karabeg - JAB | IE University

Kenan Karabeg

Country: Austria

Lucy Ball - JAB | IE University

Lucy Ball

Country: Canada

Roberta Gudiño - JAB | IE University

Roberta Gudiño

Country: Mexico

Viviana Olbort - JAB | IE University

Vivianna Olbort

Country: Germany


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