Junior Advisory Board


To apply you must submit a five-minute video pitch supported by a presentation addressing the following topic: CIRCULAR ECONOMY AND THE FUTURE WE NEED.

We have entered the decade of change, a time when every single action can determine the success or the failure in the strive to save our planet. The circular economy model offers an approach – perhaps the most powerful – towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

Starting from this premises participants are asked to consider the role of civil society, business and institutions in a successful shift to circularity and a self-sufficient system.

The capacity to structure ideas, analytical thinking, creativity and communication skills will be valued. The style, creativity, and format of the presentation is entirely up to you, show us who you are! The only mandatory requirement for the proposal is that you must choose one of the following platforms:

Zoom, Google Meet/Hangouts, YouTube, Loom

The presentation and the speaker have to be both visible in the video proposal.

Required docuemnts:

  • CV
  • Academic transcripts from the last 2 years
  • Letter of recommendation
"The JAB unites people from all around the world to find new paths and overcome obstacles together."
"I wanted to participate in the JAB because it is a great opportunity to improve my leadership and problem-solving skills."
"Bringing all our different perspectives together is the best way to contribute with higher education."


Meet the Junior Advisory Board 2021 members, representing 10 countries and different nationalities from all the world's continents.
Francesca Etienne - JAB | IE University

Francesca Etienne

Country: Argentina

Vansh Bijlani - JAB | IE University

Vansh Bijlani

Country: India

Cloe Chapotot Abreu - JAB | IE University

Cloe Chapotot Abreu

Country: Dominican Republic

Dinda Winkler - JAB | IE University

Dinda Winkler

Country: Sweden

Carlota Navarro - JAB | IE University

Carlota Navarro

Country: Spain

Aswin SM - JAB | IE University

Aswin SM

Country: India

Kayla Vinh - JAB | IE University

Kayla Vinh

Country: United States of America

Kenan Karabeg - JAB | IE University

Kenan Karabeg

Country: Austria

Lucy Ball - JAB | IE University

Lucy Ball

Country: Canada

Roberta Gudiño - JAB | IE University

Roberta Gudiño

Country: Mexico

Viviana Olbort - JAB | IE University

Vivianna Olbort

Country: Germany

Ana Sofía Bastos Mendes Vidal

Country: Spain


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