“I’ve always loved trying new things. Studying at IE has not only enabled me to do so, but has also set me up for a lifetime of new experiences.”

Christian, USA

Bachelor in Business Administration

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Christian Roessler

About me

My name is Christian Roessler and I’m from Virginia. Although travel has always been an important part of my life, this is my first experience living abroad. I’m a huge fan of classical music and love attending performances around Europe. I also enjoy exploring Madrid—whether it’s trying a new restaurant, going out with friends or exercising in the park.

Christian Roessler, USA


Undergraduate student

Preparing for a lifetime of new experiences

Christian wasn’t sure what he wanted to do before coming to IE University, but he had his heart set on studying business. He knew that business-minded decision making would be a valuable asset in any organization he joined after graduation. And although he’s still not certain where his career will take him, he thinks the Bachelor in Business Administration is setting him up for success.

The dynamic and holistic nature of the program has been an asset to Christian, because it has exposed him to different business topics and allowed him to discover his strengths and interests. He enjoys the way the classes build on one another to give students a well-rounded skill set and prepare them for the real world. In fact, Christian has found that even the subjects he wasn’t interested in at first became more impactful as the curriculum connected various courses in a meaningful way. He notes that not only has IE University opened his mind to new career options, but the learning environment ensures that he will be successful in whichever field he chooses.

One of IE University’s biggest strengths, according to Christian, is its incredible faculty, which allows the classes to become so much more than just uninvolved lectures. Not only are classes structured around collaboration and problem solving, but the Liquid Learning model allows Christian to maximize engagement through a blend of in-person and online classes.

In addition to a dynamic classroom experience, IE University also provides an active extracurricular scene. In his first year, Christian joined the IE Consulting Club, where he leveraged what he was learning in the classroom to work with external companies on real-world initiatives. He’s also an officer for the IE Debate Club, and has represented IE University at Model UN conferences. One of the highlights was when Christian collaborated with IE Campus Life to host the university’s first-ever Model UN conference.

Every facet of IE University’s educational and extracurricular experience has helped prepare Christian for his professional future. In particular, Christian values the Talent & Career Services programming, which is invested in the development of students’ careers. Whether it’s a resume workshop or the Career Development Training program, he sees it as added value to his degree.

When he’s not studying, Christian enjoys being in a world-class capital city. He can indulge in his passion for classical music by attending concerts, and has even traveled to see renowned orchestras across Europe. He also enjoys Madrid’s vibrant shopping, restaurants and nightlife.

Looking towards the future, Christian is still not sure exactly which industry he will go into; but IE University has helped him picture things a little more clearly. Thanks to the diverse topics covered in the Bachelor and Business Administration program, he has discovered a love for organizational and managerial strategy. He hopes to spend the next two years of the program learning more about different sectors, as well as seeking out internships and work experience in his potential fields of interest. Christian is grateful that IE University has already enabled him to try so many new things, but he’s even more grateful that it’s setting him up for a lifetime of new experiences.