“I definitely love the university and my career. Although the pandemic has impacted my campus experience, I’ve met wonderful people from all over the world.”

Diego, Mexico

Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws

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Diego Hernández Zuñiga

About me

I was born in Mexico, and have lived in Puebla, Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, and other cities. I love Mexican culture and food—it’s incomparable. I finished high school in Houston, and ever since then I have lived in Madrid. I am an artistic person and love to paint and sing to express myself and my perspective on the world. When dancing or writing, I feel vulnerable yet happy. Exploring my creativity is my passion, and I love getting lost in a museum or Madrid’s picturesque winding streets to spark new inspiration.

Diego Hernández Zuñiga, Mexico


Undergraduate student

Infusing corporate law and business with creativity and passion

Diego has always believed that the world is becoming more and more interconnected with each passing day, and it is vital that we dive into and live alongside a plethora of cultures. For this reason and others he made the decision to leave Mexico and the US and study at IE University. Drawn to its unique diversity and high-quality academics, he knew that he would be embarking on an amazing experience. With a faculty made up of directors from global law firms and businesses, experts in their fields, and legal researchers, Diego feels fortunate to learn from the best in the world.

When it comes to his choice of degree, Diego knew he wanted to combine his passion for law and business. The Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws presents the perfect opportunity for him to explore both areas and understand how they interact with one another.

Although the pandemic has complicated his campus experience, Diego still feels fortunate to have met wonderful people from all over the world. He has met extraordinary professors who inspire him to do his best every day, and has thoroughly enjoyed his time in both Madrid and Segovia. What’s more, even this international young professional has been surprised by the variety of languages he hears!

The Liquid Learning model has made everything possible for Diego since the pandemic began. He has made the most of every opportunity to enroll in several programs, challenges, and clubs. For example, as a member of the debate club, he has carried out his training online and participated in several in-person mock debates. Over in the dancing club, those who cannot attend in-person have been able to take part in online classes (just make sure to move the furniture). Finally, Diego has participated in the ethics challenge, where he worked closely with other students from Russia, China and Kuwait. He finds it quite amazing that IE University ensures that all students can make the most of these exciting opportunities and experiences—no matter where they are.

Diego strongly believes that IE University cares for its students. The university is always on hand to offer support in all aspects of a student’s life, from hobbies and professional ambitions to personal growth opportunities. Diego knows that the university will catch him if he falters or falls, and push him forwards in encouragement as he works towards his goals. He has found the career portal to be invaluable when it comes to applying for internships and connecting with different businesses and people.

So far on his professional journey, Diego has taken the opportunity to explore work in logistics, administration and the US criminal justice system. It was during the latter that he developed his passion for law, which helped inform his choice of program and career.

Looking to the future, Diego is keen to explore opportunities in bank asset management, consultancy, corporate finance and corporate law. He would also like to develop his creative side and explore professional opportunities that merge business with creativity. To help him decide, Diego is determined to complete several internships and develop his understanding of the huge array of opportunities ahead of him.

At this stage in his academic career, Diego is optimistic about the future. He looks forward to joining a law firm or a corporation, and is excited about the prospect of developing his creativity with a marketing business venture.