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Ghita El Hachmi

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My name is Ghita El Hachmi, I am from Morocco and spent my childhood in Marrakech until joining IE University. When I was in high school, I took part in a Model of the United Nations in Madrid where I fell in love with both politics as a subject and the host city itself. This experience was a big part of my decision to join the university, and after three years it has more than fulfilled my expectations. When not in class, I enjoy playing football and being part of a team—something that has truly enriched my experience here.

Ghita El Hachmi
Undergraduate student
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Bachelor in Philosphy, Politics, Law and Economics

"Being part of a team helps you become part of something bigger."

Ghita El Hachmi

Ghita firmly believes that when you’re part of a team, you’re part of something bigger. And from her hobbies to her studies, everything Ghita is involved in demonstrates this philosophy.

Ghita spent her first two years in Segovia, where she took full advantage of what the city had to offer. For a long time she had wanted to be part of a football team, and she credits her decision to join one as the best she ever made. She believes the bond created between teammates is something special. When she moved to Madrid in their third year, she couldn’t stand the idea of not playing football anymore, and so joined a new team in the city. No matter what, being part of a team is fundamental. 

Since joining IE University, Ghita has become more confident and open-minded, due largely to the institution’s international environment. She personally speaks English, French, Spanish and Arabic, and it’s common to hear any number of languages on campus on a daily basis. In her football team alone, there are over thirteen different nationalities and countless languages are spoken on the pitch. 

This environment helped Ghita immensely with her schoolwork. As a politics student, she is required to look at the world from multiple perspectives—moving from subjects like macroeconomics in the morning to legal theory in the afternoon. When presented with a problem, she now automatically analyzes it from a political perspective, legal perspective and economic perspective.

Having such a natural global mindset and well-attuned critical-thinking skills led to her participating in GIMUN 2020, the Geneva International Model of United Nations. The conference took place in the “Palais des Nations” in Geneva, where Ghita had the opportunity to chair the Pan-African Congress of 1945. Although it was her first time chairing, she rose to the occasion, being used to dealing with individuals from all around the world. She even managed to ensure the bilingual committee was able to come together to write a resolution by the end of the conference.

Apart from her undeniable passion for football, which has allowed her to build friendships, work hard and stay focused on achieving her goals, Ghita counts learning and reading about politics as her main hobbies. She enjoys finding out about other people’s countries and cultures from a first-hand perspective, while also ensuring that she gives them the most accurate image of Morocco possible.

In the future, Ghita would like to go into diplomacy. This is an ambition she has harbored since her first Model UN conference in Madrid, and was only strengthened by the GIMUN 2020 experience. Although the recent global pandemic affected her plans to intern in the Moroccan Embassy in Madrid over the summer, she stayed committed to her goal. A friend contacted her about a project called Propaedia International, a platform where knowledge is shared in four different languages. With her language skills, she was a perfect fit and moved from being a writer and translator to becoming the HR director. In this role she has developed an efficient recruitment process with other women around the world and has standing invitations to go to Geneva, Shanghai, Tirana and Port-la-Nouvelle. 

Regarding her outlook on life, Ghita believes that “everything happens for a reason”. If she hadn’t attended the Model UN, she may never have moved to Madrid. If she didn’t choose this program, she may never have chaired the GIMUN. And if the pandemic didn’t happen, she may never have gotten involved in the Propaedia International project. 

But amidst these what if scenarios, one thing is certain: whether in football, politics or her professional ventures, being part of a team helps you become part of something bigger. And we’re confident we’ll see big things from her in the future.