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Patricia Malagón Pérez

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I’d describe myself as a creative individual who loves doing such activities outside of class. I feel creativity is an essential part of my being, along with my love for the natural world. I enjoy drawing and playing guitar and I currently take pottery lessons at a local academy. Moreover, I love going on walks in Segovia and discovering new areas with beautiful landscapes.

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Patricia Malagón Pérez | IE University

"I decided to study the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability to have the opportunity to make a difference."

Patricia Malagón Pérez

Studying the natural world in a diverse environment

Patricia Malagón Pérez is a nature lover through and through—and she wanted a program that would let her pursue her passion. Determined to explore the natural world, she chose to join the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability to gain the tools to drive sustainable change.

Patricia’s always had her sights set on playing an important role in helping society adopt better ways of living. She says that IE University was the only institution she found that offered a program aligned with her unique needs. “I aspire to learn about nature’s complex mechanisms and the intricate structures that sustain life,” she explains. And in the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability, she’s found a curriculum that provides just that.

Now well on her IE University journey, Patricia is constantly in awe of the world around her as she uncovers more about how it works in the program. “Learning from nature is like learning from the oldest source of wisdom on Earth.” Her favorite subject so far is Principles of Ecology, where she’s taken a deep dive into the Earth’s formation, the principles of evolution and the “open-ended philosophical questions” that come with it. Through this class, Patricia has also refined her understanding of the elaborate but symbiotic connections between plants, animals and the physical world.

Patricia Malagón Pérez | IE UniversityIt’s rewarding to learn something new every day, but Patricia says she enjoys the IE Experience even more. Studying alongside peers from diverse nationalities and backgrounds has fostered an “inclusive educational space” that’s constantly pushing her toward her potential. She’s also had the chance to meet new people and connect with them through shared interests. And with her program based in Segovia, Patricia has found plenty to love about this unique setting. “The good energy I get from this reformed historical building is very inspiring. I’m grateful to learn in such a culturally rich space.”

Outside of the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability, Patricia is actively involved in the IE Arts Club and the IE Fashion Club. These student-led organizations have truly enriched her program experience and she can’t wait to see what opportunities they bring in the coming years. She urges other learners—current and prospective—to get involved in student life as much as possible. “Grasp every opportunity and involve yourself in communities that support you mentally and offer a good time,” she recommends. Luckily, there’s a little something for everybody at IE University. A wide variety of clubs is available to cater to different hobbies and interests. 

And for those who want to excel in the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability, the only requirement is to make the most of their time. “Independent learning and researching is important. The sustainability field is in constant evolution; showing enthusiasm for the material and doing independent reading helps during discussions in class, in projects and when writing papers.” But Patricia also recognizes the stress that comes with studying such a demanding program, advising fellow students to take time for themselves each day: “Do an activity outside of the university that fills your soul and remember to breathe.”