Vanshika Shivnani - Student Story | IE University

Vanshika Shivnani

About me

I was born and raised in Madrid but I am of Indian heritage. The multiculturalism of my upbringing drives my passion for learning. I wanted to continue to develop my skills in more than one language, given that I now speak five fluently: Hindi, Sindhi, English, Spanish and French. While I was in high school, I had the pleasure of being Deputy Head Student and I am currently studying the Dual Degree in Economics & International Relations in Segovia.

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Vanshika Shivnani - Student Story | IE University

"I love it here. I am very grateful for IE University and my dual degree program."

Vanshika Shivnani

Balancing a passion for study and making an impact

Vanshika decided to come to IE University after having studied an eclectic mix of advanced level qualifications at school, giving her an appreciation of the importance of a versatile learning experience for personal development. She realized that immersing herself in many interdisciplinary fields was integral to her professional success, especially through IE University’s international focus. The Dual Degree in Economics & International Relations' hands-on approach was another reason she was driven to study at IE University. 

She has found that IE University opens up the possibility to acquire a great deal of knowledge from her renowned professors and grow a network both in and outside of Spain. In her dual degree program, Vanshika analyzes diplomatic affairs from a critical perspective, discovering the role of governments and institutions through an economic lens. It helps her understand the functionality of the systems of our society while learning how to make the most of them as well as improve them. Vanshika believes her program strengthens her individuality and amplifies the impact she can have on the world.

Outside of her classes, Vanshika has gotten involved with the enriching extra-curricular activities on offer. As part of the IE Foundation Fellows, she has discovered new places in Spain she never imagined herself traveling to. With the IE Arts and Humanities Division, she’s attended a wide variety of events from democratic talks to classical music concerts. And as part of the IE Community, Vanshika has found different social events that allow her to travel between Madrid and Segovia. Vanshika is also a member of the Yes Theory Club, giving her the chance to step out of her comfort zone and acknowledge the value behind hard work and remaining curious.

Vanshika Shivnani - Student Story | IE UniversityDuring her time at IE University, Vanshika has attended multiple Advanced Seminars to enhance her technological and networking capabilities. And as someone with passion and a desire to continue learning, Vanshika also earned the Sustainable Development Goals Primer Certificate in association with the United Nations. What’s more, she’s taken on a position of responsibility with the Mentorship Society in which she mentors younger students. In this role, she enhances her communication, maturity and rationality, all while promoting empathy.

When Vanshika isn’t making strides with her future, she enjoys reading a wide range of literature—from philosophy and science to history and adventure. She is also a fan of photography and music and enjoys exploring Segovia with her fellow students. 

Later down the line, Vanshika hopes to take part in an exchange program or internship to strengthen her academic experience and boost her resume. Having access to these opportunities makes her feel fortunate and proud to call herself a member of the IE Community.

 In terms of her future, Vanshika can see herself working within an international private corporation that works to improve society. She aspires to one day create and direct that corporation, potentially after completing a master’s degree in finance.