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Digital tools for XXI century entrepreneurs

Online marketing has become a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and it is the subject which two renowned experts will talk about in the newest edition of the IEU Entrepreneurship Tal Series

IEU Entrepreneurship  is organizing #IEUtalkseries3 which will be focused on online marketing. Nowadays, for all entrepreneurs it is essential to have a strong background on marketing and more specifically on online marketing. Online world is a must on the 21st century and because of that we believe that IE Entrepreneurs should have the opportunity to master this topic. For that reason, we are glad to announce two marketing experts and entrepreneurs, Pedro Clavería and Joe Haslam:

  • Pedro Clavería is one of the most influential marketers all over Spain with a really strong background on marketing online. He has worked as the Business Intelligence Executive at Tuenti among other companies and he has created a new venture that has received more than 10Million Euro investment, Rocket Internet GmbH one of the world’s biggest couponing websites. In addition, his influence in Social networks has led him to have more than 110,000followers on Twitter.
  • Joe Haslam is one of the Irish entrepreneurs in Spain, being the chairman of Hot Hotels, he is also affiliate at Kauffman Global partner network and mentor at the IE Venture Lab. In fact,  he will be talking about Trillion Dollar Challenges- How exponential technologies enable small teams of entrepreneurs to do what was once only possible for government and large corporations.


What? IEUTalkSeries3 aboutMarketing Online

When? 1st of April- 18:30

Where? IE Business School, Maria de Molina 4, E-107

To confirm attendance: asarasu.bbamad2012@student.ie.edu