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IE University and Amazon boost the digitization of Spanish SMEs with free online training programs

Amazon Despega programme - IE University

IE University is part of the Amazon Despega programme, an initiative to boost the growth and digitization of more than 50,000 Spanish SMEs after the pandemic.

IE University and Amazon today launched a series of free online training programs, aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs interested to launch their business online or expand their knowledge on digital strategy and e-commerce to grow in Spain and internationally. The program is part of the Amazon Despega initiative, which aims to help more than 50,000 SMEs in Spain after the pandemic and will allow small and medium-sized enterprises with little digital experience or those interested in starting their digital journey, to go deeper into different knowledge areas including the development of a business plan, the creation of a marketing strategy, the fundamentals for increasing their online presence, sales management, funding and exports.

The online program developed by IE University and Amazon offers two flexible training routes for entrepreneurs and SMEs based on their knowledge and level of digitization. The courses, imparted by IE University professors and e-commerce experts, are formed by a series of easy-to-follow modules and offer learners the possibility to distribute the resources to suit their learning pace. In addition, students will also have access to a supporting community to generate a shared experience and learning from peers. Once the training is completed, students will receive a certificate that accredits the completion of the program.

“We are excited about the launch of the Despega project that we have developed in collaboration with Amazon and some of its partners. These exceptional times call for us to work together and explore new opportunities for small and medium businesses to get back to growth. E-commerce and the underlying digital skills are now more than just a distant possibility, it may become the way to accelerate the recovery, and high quality online education allows us to help achieving these goals,” indicates Martin Rodríguez Jugo, IE Publishing Director and Executive Education Online at IE University.

“With the program Despega, we want to make learning resources and tools available to Spanish SMEs to support them in their digitization journey so they can acquire the necessary skills and competences to grow their businesses and sell online, not only in Spain but also beyond, either through Amazon, by themselves or with another online service.”

Ryan Frank, Head of Amazon Marketplace in Spain

“Selling online means you can reach more customers quickly and effectively and access other international markets without making a large financial investment,” says Jorge Campos Lamas, a founding partner at Earwaves, a sports equipment brand for Crossfit. “The situation we are currently experiencing is forcing many companies to digitize and we believe that it is the ideal time to move online together with e-commerce experts. We encourage all SMEs and entrepreneurs that want to embark on their digital journey with a guarantee of success to sign up to Amazon Despega and take the IE Learning hub training courses,” added co-founder Ricardo García.

The Amazon Despega program offers SMEs and entrepreneurs who enroll in the program other benefits and initiatives including a one-week intensive course designed by IE University, a series of Virtual Academies and webinars to introduce companies to the world of e-commerce and exports organized by institutions such as ICEX Spain Export and Investments, CEPYME, AECOC, among others. In addition, a selection of small businesses will receive business advice with the growth program for small companies, CRECEPYME. Since the program Despega was launched in September, Amazon and its partners have hosted 13 free virtual academies and webinars. The next series of virtual academies in collaboration with SEUR will take place from November 19th and small businesses and entrepreneurs can sign up in the following link. For more information about Despega and the online program developed by IE University visit www.amazon.es/despega.