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IE University announces strategic projects for its Segovia campus

IE University announces strategic projects for its Segovia campus

Santa Cruz la Real has hosted the institution’s annual meeting of the Board of Trustees.

The Santa Cruz la Real Campus in Segovia held its regular session of the IE University Board of Trustees today. The objective of this meeting was to announce the most relevant projects and development plans undertaken by IE University, which started the 2020/2021 academic year with a 20% increase in new students and the implementation of a new, liquid learning, educational model. Thanks to this hybrid methodology, students from 140 countries at IE University can attend face-to-face classes on campus or connect online to classrooms and enjoy the same immersive experience and academic excellence.

The meeting of the Board of Trustees was attended by Santiago Iñiguez de Onzoño, the President of the Board and Executive President of IE University, Salvador Carmona, Rector, Miguel Ángel de Vicente, the President of the Provincial Council of Segovia, and Clara Luquero, the Mayor of Segovia. Also participating were the Secretary of the Board of Trustees and General Director of IE University, Miguel Sagüés, the Vice President of the Provincial Council of Segovia and Deputy for the Area of Culture, José Mª. Bravo, the Second Vice President Sara Dueñas, the Vice President for Research and Coordination Marco Giarratana, and the Executive Director of Admissions at IE University, Patricia Lozano.

During the meeting of the Board of Trustees, university officials unveiled present and future projects at the campus, which are defined by the values that drive IE University and its unique place in the educational landscape: technological innovation, a global approach, a commitment to sustainability, the promotion of entrepreneurship, the importance of the humanities and a combination of academic rigor and proximity to the business community.

With more than 20 years of experience in online education, IE University has developed a unique model of liquid learning that is transforming the educational experience. Students attend classes on campus, develop their networks, participate in workshops, seminars and conferences and enjoy Madrid and Segovia as a key part of academic life. Students also connect online to the classrooms to enjoy the same academic experience with their professors and classmates.

“The students obtain an active, collaborative and personalized learning that goes beyond the transfer of knowledge and promotes the development of their skills and management capacity.”

Salvador Carmona, Rector of IE University

In a year marked by the health crisis, IE University has been a pioneer in taking measures to deal with Covid-19 with the aim of protecting the health of students, professors and staff of the institution, while guaranteeing the continuity of academic activity. Thus, as part of its health protocol, more than 7,500 tests have been carried out in Segovia and Madrid since the resumption of classes last June. IE constantly reinforces health, academic, technological and logistical protocols, to guarantee maximum safety and academic quality.

At the same time, the Santa Cruz la Real Campus in Segovia, which has been ceded for university use by the Provincial Council of Segovia, is the object of constant investment, both in material and in infrastructure. Likewise, the members of the IE University Board of Trustees have discussed the expansion of facilities, projects for new university residences, as well progress in Madrid, where a vertical campus is currently being built that will form part of the city’s skyline.

The President of the Provincial Council, Miguel Ángel de Vicente, noted “IE University’s example and responsibility in managing the health crisis, putting the health and safety of its educational community above all, but without neglecting the quality of its offer, knowing how to adapt to the extraordinary situation that we have had to live through, despite organizational difficulties, due to the volume of students from all over the world who choose IE University to carry out their university studies.” De Vicente added: “this commitment also extends to the province of Segovia, since thanks to the collaboration agreement that IE and the Provincial Council have maintained for years, we can offer scholarships to students from all over the province so that they can study in a university environment of absolute excellence.”

For her part, the Mayor of Segovia highlighted the contribution of IE University to the economic development of the city. “The institution is attracting students from all over the world to Segovia, on one of the most international campuses in our country, while generating an interesting cultural exchange in our society.” Under the exceptional circumstances caused by the global health crisis, the university has implemented security measures and protocols to ensure that educational activities are not adversely affected.