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IE University brings together young people from 14 countries to analyze the impact of technology on tomorrow’s universities

Junior Advisory Board

The 2019 meeting of the Junior Advisory Board underscores IE University's commitment.

Fourteen high school students from 14 countries will gather at IE University’s Segovia and Madrid campuses between April 7 and April 12 to discuss the impact of technology and artificial intelligence on tomorrow’s universities. These pre-university students make up the Junior Advisory Board of IE University, a committee of “wise young people” that have been selected from more than 50 nations around the world for their extraordinary talent, outstanding academic profile, multi-disciplinary performance and commitment to ethical and humanistic values. In addition, they all speak more than one language and have demonstrated a capacity for leadership at school.

The 2019 Junior Advisory Board includes students from Ireland, the United States, France, Canada, Spain, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Germany, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Jordan and Kazakhstan. The main objective of the board is to share its members’ vision of the global university environment and propose improvements. Over the course of their stay at IE University, these 14 young people will analyze and discuss key issues such as digital transformation, the role of new technologies and artificial intelligence in the future of higher education so as to determine the skills and tools required to achieve excellence in university education. With this is mind, students will attend workshops and lectures given by IE academics who are experts in educational innovation.

“This year we have received more than 145 applications to participate in the Junior Advisory Board; the selection process has been difficult due to the quality of the candidates,” said Elisa Meléndez, director of Business Development at IE University.

This year, the Junior Advisory Board will be focusing on the impact of new technologies on the future of education.

IE University develops technology immersion projects for students in all undergraduate and graduate programs, investing more than €25 million over the last 15 years and plans to allocate a further €50 million euros more in the coming years as part of its commitment to technology. In 2016, IE University launched the WOW Room, a pioneer project in Europe that  uses artificial intelligence, simulations, big data, robots and holograms, among other resources, to transform the learning experience.

The members of the Junior Advisory Board will present their views on the future of universities to IE University, which will take note of their concerns in order to improve and adapt higher education to the needs of future students.

The 2019 meeting of the Junior Advisory Board at its Madrid and Segovia campuses underscores IE University’s commitment to innovation, digital transformation, the humanities and the international nature of higher education.