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IE University has delivered more than 60,000 face-to-face and 25,000 online classes this academic year as part of its commitment to Liquid Learning

IE University delivered 60k face-to-face & 25k online classes

In an effort to protect the health of its community, IE University has administered more than 55,000 Covid tests at its campus infirmaries since June 2020.

This past academic year, IE University has delivered more than 60,000 face-to-face sessions, 25,000 live online sessions, and 12,000 asynchronous online sessions, thanks in part of its liquid learning model, which allows students to physically attend class or connect simultaneously through classroom screens and enjoy the same immersive experience and academic excellence. IE University has kept its campus, in both Segovia and Madrid, open without interruption since June 2020, a feat that has enriched the learning experience of students from 140 countries who have demonstrated responsibility and complied with the institution’s health protocols.

Since June 2020, IE University has conducted more than 55,000 antigen tests, PCRs, serological tests, and rapid tests at its campus infirmaries to protect the health of students, faculty, and staff. The IE Covid Covid Support Office has also provided academic and technological assistance and individualized support to affected students, as well as individualized attention to students and their families.

Furthermore, the academic institution’s health protocol includes health protection standards that go beyond the recommendations of the authorities. For example, IE University has medical teams on its Madrid and Segovia campuses and has also designed a web app for all members of the IE Community to monitor their health on a daily basis, along with a digital passport synchronized with access to campus facilities, control points with thermal cameras and facial recognition systems, reinforced hygiene policies, and one way systems within all buildings to reinforce social distancing. All individuals who enter IE University buildings must wear protective masks at all times and it is mandatory to maintain a safe distance when on campus.

At the academic level, IE University has adapted to each phase of the health crisis by continually redesigning its programs, methodologies, and formats. The institution, which is recognized for its innovation, has developed a liquid learning model that allows students to attend face-to-face classes or connect simultaneously with the same immersive experience and academic excellence, from wherever they are in the world. The deans, academic faculty, learning innovation teams, IT, and administrative staff have worked together continuously to design new methodologies, interactive solutions, tools, and technological platforms, and adapt the didactic materials, syllabus, and evaluation methods to the new environment.