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IE University and Elysium Ventures create the First Metaverse Research Center

IE University and Elysium Ventures create the Metaverse Center

IE University and Elysium Ventures, a global Metaverse and deep-tech investment fund based in Silicon Valley, have signed a strategic agreement to create the Metaverse Center, the first global research and innovation center on the metaverse.

The Center is to be physically located at IE School of Science and Technology and virtually in Internet and Metaverse space. As part of IE’s new Impact Xcelerator, the center is designed to “see and create what is next” in metaverse. Labs and projects within the center will accelerate highly-impact research with a focus on technical, behavioral, and policy-oriented aspects of metaverse. The new center will work in collaboration with top global universities, partner companies, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and government institutions. IE University, through IE School of Science & Technology and the IE Foundation will additionally promote and organize specialized meetings, immersive training experiences, and educate students for a growing metaverse job market.

“IE University was a pioneer in Europe 20 years ago in the design of online master’s and is recognized by international rankings as among the most innovative universities in the world. With the creation of the Metaverse Center, we are moving forward to explore the entrepreneurial and investment opportunities offered by the Metaverse, as well as its impact on society,” said Ikhlaq Sidhu, Dean of IE School of Science and Technology at IE University.

“We share this challenge with Elysium Ventures with the common goal of generating high impact research and driving disruptive business ideas.”

Ikhlaq Sidhu, Dean of IE School of Science and Technology at IE University

Elysium Ventures is a global Metaverse Fund based out of the Silicon Valley that Invests in technologies and daring entrepreneurs aiming to advance the human race with next generation technologies in the Metaverse which integrates the physical and digital worlds in building the future of Communications, Commerce, Collaboration and Learning in the Metaverse.

The creation of the Metaverse Center is also part of IE University’s strategic commitment. IE University will open campuses in several metaverses in 2023, including Roblox and Decentraland, where students will be able to attend classes and enjoy events in the digital sphere.