IE University presents The Next 50, an initiative to once again look to the future in order to understand what society will face in the coming decades in relation to education, technology, global governance, and sustainability, among other fields, and to prepare for the challenges that will mark our lives and the new world of work.

“IE University's vision has always been, and will always be, to shape tomorrow's world by inspiring innovation in its students, and thus drive change in society,” said Diego del Alcázar Silvela, founder and president of IE University. 

“Nowadays, IE University prepares for the next 50 years, and one of our key objectives is defining the priorities that will pave the way into the future.”
Diego del Alcázar Silvela, founder and president of IE University

As part of The Next 50, IE University's major annual events in 2023, graduation ceremonies, new editions of South Summit, Hay Festival, and Reinventing Higher Education will also take a view into the future. Research will play a prominent role, for example a new forward-looking study from The Center for the Governance of Change at IE University that will be released at ‘The Next 50’ closing event at IE Tower at the end of 2023.

IE Insights, IE University's knowledge hub, will enrich 'The Next 50' initiative with its '50 Ideas to Shape the Future' editorial series in which 50 experts in a wide variety of fields from around the world comment on what they expect – in some cases, dare to hope for – in the coming decades. The series will help readers imagine and understand our collective future on the planet and as part of society and tackle issues such as how education will change, how we will communicate, lead, and build business, our priorities in regards to global governance, diversity, sustainability, technology, as well as how we might address economic, political ,and social challenges.