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IE University fosters entrepreneurial culture among San Mateo Excellence High School’s students

Students studying on San Mateo Excellence High School in Madrid have developed and comercialized an innovative merchandising product named Matxango. Matxango is a silicon and flexible steel perch, named by its humanoid appearance, which allows thousands of uses and that, once personalized, is a clever and innovative ad support, or corporate image tool.

The high quality of the piece and its creative process awoke the interest of external clients such as IE University that requested 400 personalized units with its logo for its national and international promotion. The delivery by San Mateo Excellence High Scool’s students was done yesterday in the facilities that the private university has in Madrid.

Like this, Matxango merges synergies from both institutions – San Mateo High School and IE University – that encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in their students. Moreover, IE University has not only acquired the product but also did a workshop with its professors for senior students about innovation tools for the beginning of the professional life.