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IE University hosts a summer camp on Social Entrepreneurship for 32 students from 17 countries

From June 30th to July 4th, IE University Segovia’s Campus hosts a summer camp on Social Entrepreneurship for 32 students from 17 countries, with ages comprised between 15 and 18 years old.

The goal of this summer camp is show young people the possibilities of social entrepreneurship and teach how to transform innovative ideas into real projects that help change the world. To accomplish that, professors at IE will make use of Design Thinking methodologies that allows the development of critic and creative thinking in an innovative and practical way. Design Thinking is a vanguard methodology to encourage innovation that uses the thinking processes of a designer as a model to solve complex problems.

A very significant aspect of this activity is that 75% of the students are international and come from Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia, Denmark, UK, France, Portugal, Romania, Canada, USA, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, South Africa, Malaysia and Qatar. During the week, the students will work jointly to create a social project and will attend workshops and other cultural and leisure activities.

Max Oliva, IE Business School professor maintains that on this camp “we teach students to generate business ideas with a social impact, innovative ideas. Also, we give a set of tools that they can apply in their own environment for their personal and professional improvement.”

In that sense, passing through this summer course will serve students to lay the foundations of an entrepreneurial spirit, and to apply this knowledge on their country of origin.

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