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IE University and Instituto Cervantes sign agreement to promote humanities in education

IE University and Instituto Cervantes sign agreement

Accord includes developing joint research and innovation initiatives and projects. Photo: José Manuel Ballester.

IE University and the Instituto Cervantes, Spain’s official language and arts center, have signed an agreement to promote the study of humanities disciplines in education. As part of this initiative, the two institutions will jointly organize educational and cultural activities, as well as academic and research projects that enhance their commitment to the dissemination of knowledge.

IE University, through its Arts and Humanities division, works to enrich the learning experience and develop the critical thinking of its undergraduate and graduate students from more than 140 countries. Among its activities, it organizes seminars, workshops, conferences, master classes and cultural events that allow students to deepen their knowledge in areas such as history, philosophy, art, music, etc., and apply that knowledge to management and problem solving from a humanist perspective. The institution’s students will benefit from this collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes starting this year.

The scope of the agreement covers conferences, lectures and seminars with experts from both institutions. It also includes internship agreements and the publication of books and papers jointly. In addition, IE University and the Instituto Cervantes will collaborate in the development of research projects applying artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies to the analysis and positioning of Spanish at an international level within an ecosystem of digital transformation. They will also promote the dissemination of teaching materials from the Instituto Cervantes and the dissemination of research projects from IE University’s Center for the Governance of Change.

“Agreements like these in which the university has to serve as a platform for research and innovation to create societies of the future are of great value.”

Luis García Montero, Director of the Instituto Cervantes

“This collaboration with Instituto Cervantes will allow the IE University community to advance its commitment to the humanities and diversity through the dissemination of Hispanic culture among our international student body,” added Susana Malcorra, director of the Division of Arts and Humanities at IE University.