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IE University promotes ‘Education for Sustainability’ to enhance the role of education in driving sustainability

Education for sustainability | IE University

'Education for Sustainability' will be IE University Chairman, Deans and international figures.

IE University has just launched ‘Education for Sustainability’, a project that reflects the academic institution’s commitment to education as the driving force for change in the economy, society and the biosphere within the framework of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Among the first initiatives, IE University has organized a series of conferences, round tables and events to coincide with COP25, the World Climate Summit that brings together experts from around the world between December 2 and December 13 in Madrid to analyze the challenges we face worldwide in terms of sustainability.

“Sustainability places human beings at the center of the universe.”

“Sustainability places human beings at the center of the universe, and our institution promotes sustainability as part of our education for leaders who will face the challenges of the future on our planet”, says Joaquín Garralda, Dean of Academic Affairs of IE University, adding: “IE University, as a founding member of Global Compact Network Spain, defends the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as the framework for action for moving forward and responding to the most pressing global challenges.”

Participating in the series of conferences and events within ‘Education for Sustainability’ will be IE University Chairman, Deans and international figures. Diego del Alcázar, President of IE University, and Francesca Thyssen, art collector, curator and film producer, will share their vision on ‘Art as agent of change in sustainability’, together with artist John Gerrard, as well as Markus Reymann, Director of Ocean Project. Martha Thorne, Dean of IE School of Architecture & Design, will discuss the ‘S Factor: Reinventing cities of the future’. Martin Boehm, Dean of IE Business School will take part in a roundtable on ‘IE Business School and sustainability: the role of sustainable finance’ moderated by Joaquín Garralda, Dean of Academic Affairs and Senior Advisor of Social Innovation at IE University. Enrique Dans will focus his lecture on ‘A change in the economic model for decarbonization’. And Felicia Appenteng will discuss ‘Africa, conflicts arising from climate change’ together with Susana Malcorra, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina.

IE University experts will also participate in the official conferences and panels of the UN COP25 Climate Summit in Madrid. Jaime de Aguinaga, Vice Dean of IE School of Global & Public Affairs will debate on ‘The role of universities in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda’ with Pedro Duque, Minister of Science, Innovation & Universities of Spain, and other experts. Javier de Cendra, Dean of IE Law School, will analyze the ‘Future of clean energy in Europe’ together with lawyers from the public and private sectors. And Diego Rubio, Director del Center for the Governance of Change de IE University will analyze the impact of ‘Business Sustainability’.

Joaquín Garralda, Dean of Academic Affairs of IE University and President of Spainsif on behalf of the academic institution, will take part in a panel on ‘Best practices in the financial sector’ coordinated by Banco de España. Concepción Galdón, Director of the Center of Social Innovation of IE University, will focus on ‘Promoting Sustainable Compliance Cultures in Organizations’. And Catalina Tejero, Director of IE University’s Humanities Division, will speak at a round table on ‘Art and Sustainability’.