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IE University recognizes the excellence of the faculty with a digital artwork by Daniel Canogar

IE University recognizes the excellence of the faculty with a digital artwork by Daniel Canogar

This liquid recognition is an example of the values IE University embraces, within the framework of sustainability.

IE University has celebrated the IE University Prize for Teaching Excellence 2020 with an event that recognizes the high level of the institution’s internal and associate faculty. It was held virtually as a reflection of IE University’s commitment to liquid learning, a methodology that transforms the learning experience and combines classroom-based, hybrid and online training with active and personalized learning. This year’s award-winning professors received a unique digital artwork by Daniel Canogar, an internationally recognized artist who is also part of IE University’s faculty as a professor at IE School of Architecture & Design.

“Daniel Canogar accepted our proposal to design a digital diploma enthusiastically and generously. We are proud to have Daniel on our faculty and even more so to be able to celebrate the excellence of our faculty with a digital work of his during these times of liquid learning,” said Isabel Sánchez, Vice Dean of IE University, adding: “the awards to our faculty reflect the identity of our institution and the importance to us of the values of academic excellence, innovation and sustainability.”

“Daniel Canogar teaches our undergraduate students at the Segovia campus. We are very fortunate to have him as part of our family and as part of our students’ lives.”

David Goodman, Vice Dean of IE School of Architecture & Design

The digital artwork the professors have received plays with images of celebrations: from academic graduations to sporting successes or awards such as the Nobel Prize. Based on these scenes, and through an algorithm, Canogar has designed ‘Revelry’ a unique abstract audiovisual work for each award-winning professor. “I think this project may have created a totally new artistic genre; to my knowledge never before has an algorithmic digital diploma been created before. In times of global crisis like the one we are experiencing right now, we artists have to reinvent our creations,” said Canogar.

With more than 20 years of experience in online education, IE University has developed a unique model of liquid learning that transforms the educational experience. Students attend classes on campus, develop their networks, participate in workshops, seminars and conferences and enjoy Madrid and Segovia as a key part of academic life.

Students also connect online to classrooms to enjoy the same academic experience with their professors and classmates. This year, since the beginning of the health crisis, IE University has pioneered measures to tackle Covid-19 with the aim of protecting the health of students, professors and staff of the institution, and guaranteeing the continuity of academic activity. As part of the health protocol, IE University has conducted more than 7,500 tests in Segovia and Madrid since the resumption of classes in June. IE University is constantly reinforcing health, academic, technological and logistical protocols to guarantee the highest health, safety and academic standards.