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Isabel Díaz Ayuso presents the open line against hyper-regulation at the South Summit Governing Council, at IE University

Isabel Díaz Ayuso - South Summit | IE University

The presentation took place at the South Summit meeting held at IE University today.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the head of the regional government of Madrid, this morning launched the open line against hyperregulation at a meeting of the Governing Council of the Spain Startup-South Summit, the global platform for innovation and high-value connections within the global ecosystem of startups, corporations and investors for business generation. The regional government will launch a website to listen to the entrepreneurial community, as well as the general public in order to detect needs and eliminate regulatory barriers. The meeting was also attended by the regional ministers for finance and public function; economy, employment and competitiveness and science, universities and innovation, among others.

Díaz Ayuso stressed that the regional government is working to “make regulations more flexible, promote tax reductions and unprecedented liberalization”. She added: “We are one of the most competitive regions in Europe, with an international vocation and talent, a safe environment and great connectivity.” She also argued that growth and adaptation to the pace of the market are key to consolidating the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

During the meeting, Díaz Ayuso heard the needs of the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem as presented by members of the South Summit Governing Council, which is made up of numerous personalities linked to entrepreneurship and innovation with entrepreneurs such as Juan de Antonio (Cabify), Kike Sarasola (Room Mate), Lupina Iturriaga (Fintonic), Bernardo Hernández, María Fanjul, Miguel Arias (Telefónica); investors such as Aquilino Peña and corporations linked to innovation such as Endesa, Sabadell, BBVA, Telefónica or Ferrovial, among many others.

The event is part of South Summit’s commitment to promote talent and entrepreneurship in Spain and to show the potential of Madrid as an entrepreneurial, innovation hub able to attract international talent attraction

“The entrepreneurial ecosystem has continued to make progress in investment and innovation this year, despite the uncertainty. More and more new startups are emerging and entrepreneurial talent is being promoted. Spain and Madrid continue to be a place to be and to invest. Now the goal is to promote innovation as the engine of the new economy. And the entrepreneurial ecosystem plays a key role in achieving this.”

María Benjumea, founder and CEO of Spain Startup-South Summit

Diego del Alcázar, Vice President of IE University, also pointed out that “at IE University we work to drive positive change through education, research and innovation. For us it is a privilege to be located in Madrid, an entrepreneurial city thanks to South Summit, an international educational hub and a capital that can also become a global benchmark for telecommuting, if we implement the right fiscal and regulatory measures.” He added: “Telecommuting improves productivity, allows flexibility and is undoubtedly a key option for a sustainable future.”