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South Summit 2020 is reinventing itself in a new edition involving the founder of Zoom, astronauts, renowned actors and sports personalities, and prominent investors and global corporations

South Summit 2020 | IE University

IE University co-organizes the event, held from October 6 to 8, to analyze the challenges of the post/pandemic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

South Summit 2020, the leading event in the global innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem will commence next week. This new omnichannel edition of South Summit will take place from the 6th to 8th Oct, making it 100 times more open, innovative, global and transversal. In addition to showing the world, Spain’s great opportunities and scope, with a thriving and open Madrid as an international hub.

IE University is co-organizing this international meeting with the aim of analyzing the challenges of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and business opportunities after the pandemic. The academic institution is focused on developing the entrepreneurial character of students and alumni in 165 countries through specialized training and research, enhanced networking opportunities, and access to international investors.

This new edition, powered by IE University, with the Ayuntamiento de Madrid, BBVA, Endesa, BStartup de Banco Sabadell, Google for Start-ups y Telefónica, will help connect the key actors in the entrepreneurship ecosystem -investors, startups and corporations-, and the creation of business opportunities worldwide.

Throughout the three days, the event is held, South Summit 2020 will gather investors and corporations in the search for innovation together with the 100 startup finalists from the startup competition from crucial industries worldwide.

The event can be followed through the multichannel digital platform, with a powerful instrument to help generate networking opportunities between attendees and exclusive content from the global innovation ecosystem thanks to global leaders, investors, startups and corporations.

In a TV format, that is, fast-paced, South Summit’s schedule will be broadcasted through the platform, divided into two main sessions. In the morning, the broadcast will present each of the industries present in this edition: Health & Wellbeing, EdTech, Future of Work (6th Oct); Sustainability & Energy, Mobility & Smart Cities and Connectivity & Data (7th Oct), y Fintech & Insurtech, Consumer Trends and Travel & Tourism (8th Oct).

The prime time will take place daily from 3 pm onwards, with the startup competition final for each track and access to content from some of the world leaders and personalities, including; Eric S. Yuan, founder and CEO of the leading videoconferences platform, Zoom; Carlos Sainz, two-time world rally champion and three-time Rally Dakar winner -last time in 2020-; award-winning Spanish actor Antonio Banderas; Robin Richards, DRKF founder and co-chair; Aubrey de Grey, a biomedical gerontologist and staunch advocate of indefinite life expectancy; Cady Coleman, former NASA astronaut; Marcelo Claure, Softbank International Group CEO; Sam Waterston, member of Oceana’s board of directors, and actor; Wendy Kopp, Teach for All CEO; Will Shu, Deliveroo co-founder and CEO; and Suzi Mcbrie, Iridium COO, among others.

Daily rundown at South Summit 2020

6th October

The three industries represented on this day are Health & Wellbeing, Education (EdTech) and Future of Work. The most innovative startups in these industries will present their innovations and discuss their present and future with experts in their fields.

The prime time on the first day of South Summit 2020 will feature one of the main highlights of this edition, Eric Yuan’s participation, founder and CEO of Zoom. This online videoconference platform has grown exponentially thanks to, in part, the Covid-19 pandemic.

Another highlight on this day will be Aubrey de Grey’s participation from SENS Research Foundation, an institution renowned for its research on ageing, one of the leading experts in longevity, who will share with attendees a critical speech around health & wellbeing.

Meaningful conversation in the education sector between Ana Botín, Banco Santander’s president, and Wendy Kopp, Teach For All CEO, a global network of independent organizations working around the world to ensure that every child has access to an excellent education.

Spanish award-winning actor Antonio Banderas will bring the day to a close.


7th October

South Summit’s second day will include the following crucial industries Sustainability & Energy, Mobility & Smart Cities y Connectivity & Data.

In the afternoon, between the highlighted prime time sessions, William Shu, Deliveroo founder and CEO, and Robin Richards, DRKF founder and Co-Chair will discuss the ecosystem in Silicon Valley, with Blake Winchell, Managing Director at Partner Ventures; Alec Oxenford, Letgo co-founder, and Nicolas Szekasy, co-founder and Managing Partner at Kaszek Ventures.


8th October

On the final day of South Summit 2020, the Fintech & Insurtech, Consumer Trends y Travel & Tourism industries will give the final remarks, thanks to the participation of the startups and experts in each of the different tracks.

Thursday’s prime time will be full of financial leaders such as BBVA chairman Carlos Torres; Marcelo Claure, Softbank CEO and Nick Nash, co-founder and director at Asia Partners. Focused on the travel and tourism industry, the conversation between Kike Sarasola, president at Room Mate Hotels; Luis Maroto, Managing Director at Amadeus, and Juan Cierco, corporate director at Iberia.

Rally driver, Carlos Sainz and astronaut Cady Coleman will close the last session of the day. A day where, also, the winner of South Summit 2020 startup competition will be announced, which will be chosen from the 100 finalists of the Startup Competition, selected from more than 3,800 projects registered in this edition.