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Statement by IE University on the war in Ukraine

Statement by IE University on the situation in Ukraine

Promoting the spirit of an international community devoted to peace.

As an academic institution that takes pride in defending the value of dialogue and peaceful exchange, we can only express the deepest of sadness for the events unfolding in Ukraine. Our first thoughts are with our students and alumni most affected by the conflict and, in particular, those who have family and friends in Ukraine. We want to reassure them that we are here for them, as always, and that IE University will provide them with support and solace in these trying times. Our thoughts also go out to our Russian students, alumni and colleagues who are not responsible for their government’s actions and want to see peace restored.

As the situation unfolds in the coming days, we want our university to be a place of unity and free inquiry. We are reinforcing our services, so that our community receive psychological and emotional assistance as needed, as well as special academic or financial support. In addition, we will support initiatives that aim to help Ukraine and its people and endeavor to foster analysis and debate on the implications and consequences of this crisis, through opportunities and venues for encounter and debate.

IE University’s purpose is to foster positive change through education, research, and innovation. This purpose will not be achievable in the absence of peace and a basic respect for the rules to which we have committed ourselves. The use of force should never be a means to resolving differences. In line with the UN Secretary General, today we reaffirm our commitment to the values and norms underpinning the Charter of the United Nations as well as to the spirit of an international community devoted to peace.