Information for Parents

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Congratulations on your child’s admission to IE University. As he/she prepares to leave for university, you might have as many questions and concerns as your son or daughter about this next step that is both important and significant toward full adulthood.

The IE University Mentorship Society is a volunteer and complementary service that the department of  Counseling offers to first-year students in order to provide answers to those questions. Applying to be part of the Mentorship Society comes with numerous benefits. Our Mentors are selected for their openness and friendliness, in addition to their active engagement in IEU life and desire to help others. In this way, Mentees have a head start in building friendships and a wide base of IEU know-how through an active participation in Mentor-led activities. At the same time, they learn to voice their triumphs and struggles in a supportive environment, one in which the values and the philosophy that characterize our community are passed down from one generation to the next. It is perhaps no surprise that many of our Mentees apply to become Mentors in their second year.

As parents, knowing that your son or daughter is a member of the Mentorship Society provides an additional benefit: the reassurance that he or she will be looked after by an experienced student during the Fall term of the first year at IEU.

We believe the different components of the Mentorship Society speed up the student’s adaptation process toward full integration at IE University. In essence, it is in the student’s desire to share, learn and grow from the experience that we see its immense value.

Kind regards,

Taiki Kubota

IEU Counseling Director 

Past Experiences

"I was a lot more comfortable with the syllabus, professors and how to approach the subject. My Mentor also made me feel extremely included with everyone at IE and ensured all my problems were taken care of."
"I love being a Mentor. It feels nice to be there for someone and being able to help the new students that still don’t have much of an idea of how University works."
"I was able to ask my Mentor about the courses and she gave me advice on how to schedule my classes. I was even able to ask her about how to prepare for the semester, from managing time and studying, to handling the Spanish winter."
"In a short period of time, I was able to not only build a social network between many of the Mentors, but also between me and my Mentees, made some good friends, and really enjoyed the time I spent with them during our dinners every two weeks. I really think that the Mentorship Society has improved my ability to guide and share, and has allowed me to strengthen my leadership skills to a great extent."
"My Mentor definitely prepared me for the program I am currently in. I know that it will be a hard program, but speaking to her made me realise that if I plan and organise my time well, it is definitely doable."
"I learned that sometimes it takes a little bit of time for others to open up and ask for help – that does not mean that they are generally uninterested or don’t need your help. It simply means that they are less extroverted and take more time to feel comfortable. I learned that the best thing to do in those situations is to be patient and show the other person that you don’t mind waiting for them; that you will be there even if they approach you after a month for the first time."
"I would like to become part of this program as a Mentor next year because I found it really useful, and it would have been a lot harder to understand how the University worked, how some professors or subjects were, and to adapt in general. Besides that, it was great having someone to talk to both before and after the semester began."
"It was really nice to serve as a mentor and help people who were initially nervous and a little lost, and now seeing them very happy and more confident in the University."

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