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Harness the power of data to transform the world
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IE University, recognized internationally for its high-quality teaching and prestigious partnerships, enables graduates to compete for top positions globally, across all industries. We help our rich diversity of students to shape and launch their professional careers, equipping them with all the resources and skills they need to succeed in the job market of today and tomorrow.

Our unique learning environment facilitates professional and personal growth, empowering students to discover their full potential while guiding them down their personalized professional journey.

Our students develop highly sought-after profiles and are actively recruited by employers of leading corporations even before they graduate. Our extensive network and close ties with the business world offers endless opportunities, from important positions in major multinational companies to roles in smaller organizations and startups. Other students choose to develop entrepreneurial projects, either during or after their studies, building and managing their own companies.
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of IE University's Class of 2021 job seekers, reported they were currently working

outside their home countries


With a degree under your belt, you’ll be ready to develop your career in a wide range of industries. You may be inspired to help companies join the digital transformation movement, or assist businesses and organizations exploit data to gain competitive advantages. As an IE University Data and Business Analytics graduate, you’ll be an expert in harnessing the power of data, leaving you to make waves in your field and beyond.


As a data consultant, you’ll help organizations adopt the newest technologies to extract actionable insights from data and improve performance and competitiveness across all functions.


As a digital transformation expert, you’ll help organizations and companies transition to drive digital innovation in a world marked by the fast pace of technological change.


Data Scientists are in high demand in the private and public sector, and they work in exciting roles involving:
– Artificial intelligence
– Customer and sales analytics and insights
– Market and business intelligence
– Operations and dark data analytics
– Supply chain and logistics optimization
– Talent and people analytics
– Finance and risk analytics
– Manufacturing and production analytics
– Big Data infrastructure

– Social media mining and analysis
– Smart govs, smart cities and smart homes
– Energy analytics and smart grid
– Digital health and healthcare analytics
– E-government, campaign and voter analytics
– Cybersecurity and digital forensics
– Environmental and climate analytics
– Economic forecasting


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