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Get a glimpse of our student and faculty projects. Hopefully it’ll inspire ideas for your own IE University creations!

Student Projects

At IE University, we practice a hands-on methodology that encourages students to learn by working on real projects, gaining experience in the fields they're passionate about before they even graduate.

For students in the Bachelor in Design, this means one thing: the sky's the limit. Our students are constantly observing, questioning, and challenging the world that surrounds them.

In their program projects, they design, redesign, and test ideas and objects until their idea comes to life.

Throughout the development of these projects, students are supported by cutting-edge tools and technologies provided to them by IE University.
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At IE University, we seek to drive change in the world by tackling a wide range of problems in an innovative manner in order to create a better reality. If you want to learn and start driving this change, get ready to start the process!

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