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Comparative Law Methodology at IE University

As today’s economies and societies become increasingly globalized, so do legal services and education. This is why we teach comparative law—to provide an entirely global approach to legal training. We apply comparative law as a methodology, followed in all our undergraduate programs across all legal disciplines, training our students to acquire a global legal mindset.

Through this methodology, we compare similarities and differences across various legal systems, and offer comprehensive training by comparing civil law and common law jurisdictions.

From beginning to end, our comparative law programs prepare our students to think and act as international legal professionals, giving them a thorough understanding of legal concepts, systems, and institutions.

In addition to this emphasis on comparative law, our programs feature a practice-oriented approach, helping students to deepen their understanding of legal institutions and solve problems by focusing on international legal practice.

We aim to produce graduates who truly understand legal institutions from a conceptual perspective, allowing them to master the practice of international law.
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  • Comparative law teaches global and universal concepts by comparing different legal systems. This methodology is crucial at IE University, since most of our students come from abroad and will practice the law in different regions.

    Soledad Atienza

    Vice Dean of IE Law School and Director of Undergraduate Programs in Law

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Discover how our faculty implements the comparative law methodology within the different areas of law.
Profile - Antonios Kouroutakis Antonios Kouroutakis

Constitutional Law

Profile - Bart Wauters Bart Wauters

European Legal History (ELH)
Legal Thought

Profile - Johanna Jacobsson Johanna Jacobsson

European Union Law
Public International Law

Profile - Marina Aksenova Marina Aksenova

Comparative Criminal Law I
Comparative Criminal Law II

Profile - Michail Risvas Michail Risvas

Public International Law
Administrative Law

Profile - Sara Sánchez Sara Sánchez

Commercial Law Corporations II

Profile - Marco De Benito Marco De Benito

European Legal History
Litigation I

Profile - Francisco De Elizalde Francisco De Elizalde

Contracts and Property Law

Profile - Argyri Panezi Argyri Panezi

Law and Technology
Intellectual Property

Comparative Law in Action Challenge

Comparative Law in Action brings together like-minded students from top law schools around the world. In this challenge, you will work on a multimedia case in a largely virtual environment. Mirroring the methods of tomorrow’s legal teams, you will apply a comparative legal mindset to reach an innovative, all-encompassing solution. 

Through a practical and immersive real-world multimedia experience, you will learn how a comparative law approach can create innovative solutions to today’s pressing global issues. In particular, you will discover the challenges and opportunities created by the technology offered today.

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Our Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) program is an innovative degree that allows students to learn through practical courses, and apply the knowledge that they have acquired to real-life legal matters. Throughout the degree students can get involved in a variety of practical courses such as:

"IEU’s comparative law program has given me an international and European perspective of the law that has guided and defined my professional career, helping me to understand, manage and admire the commonalities and differences among distinct national legal systems."
"IEU’s methodology allows us to gain a global perspective with regard to the main legal regimes applicable all over the world. This approach has enabled us to obtain a broader picture of the law, which has been really helpful for my first years of work in an international law firm like PwC."
"IE University students acquire general knowledge about foreign people and develop the type of legal mind that is fast to identify complex patterns; and they develop kind of substantive and innovative thinking that inhibits reliable solutions and growth. Students and professors work together to overcome limitations by solving problems through functional comparisons of different foreign laws. "
"Since day one, through the comparative law methodology and the case-study methodology at IEU, I’ve been able to develop a resolutive and creative approach to problem-solving. Furthermore, the highly skilled professors I had in both business and law courses have helped me develop a deep knowledge and a global vision, which are crucial in facing the everyday challenges in my field."
"IE University’s legal comparative approach has been a real game-changer in my career, giving me the ability to tackle international challenges in a methodical and cooperative way; and helping me to earn the trust of my customers and deliver results in the international arena."