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Brands are one of the most important assets of any business as they create a unique image in a customer’s mind, particularly in today’s crowded landscape. With each brand vying for time and attention—our most scarce resources—this module focuses on branding and the key elements of a successful brand. Throughout the course, students focus on branding as an art form to align companies’ values with stakeholders and their own perceptions of a company.

Students explored branding strategy, identity and reputation management of the best new brands to hit the market in 2019. They produced visual presentations and booklets to bring the brand to life, covering topics such as identity and the brand manifesto.

SVNR Brand Book

For our final project, we produced a brand book for the NYC, eco-friendly jewelry company, SVNR in assigned groups. The pandemic limited our collaboration, yet we still managed to research the brand, keep in contact with the CEO, and create a brand book that maintained the brand essence. Our concept was to root each section of the brochure in a different part of the world, so that—as with the jewelry—each section would transport readers to a new location and memory. This tied into the brand’s name, which evokes the word “souvenir”. Background music of “La vie en rose” and drone footage from inspiring places the CEO has visited brought the presentation to life.