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Video Self-Portrait

The main aim of the video self-portrait project was to facilitate understanding. It sought to make students truly aware of the essential nature of storytelling in a visual world where audiovisual communication is more vital than ever before. Not only has it become a way to express ourselves and communicate with each other, audiovisual communication even allows us to understand who we are and frame our everyday interactions with the world.

To tell a story effectively, every communication student needs the tools and techniques which are introduced in this class, building on what they have learned in “Photography and Video Production.” Students acquire this knowledge through deep analysis and a creative, reflective approach. By putting together their own audiovisual pieces, they learn to both read and write with images and sounds in order to tell their story.


Students were tasked with conceptualizing, producing and presenting a video that told their own story. They first had to pitch their idea to their professor. Once they had received approval, they had to film whatever material they needed, edit it, and present the finished piece alongside an artistic statement. Their statement outlined the meaning and purpose of their video, and explained the rationale behind their choices of tools and methodology.

Marta Macedo’s piece centered on her lifelong passion for art, despite coming from a strongly academic family of medical professionals. In her video, she describes her search for meaning and identity. As the story progresses, we see how her fear of being the “black sheep” of the family was entirely unfounded—as her family played a crucial role in helping her find her way.

(Images grabbed from video on following page.)