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The international exchange option that is a part of IEU undergraduate programs can enhance our students’ academic, personal and professional development. With an option to choose from a wide variety of prestigious international universities, the semester abroad is an enriching and life-changing experience.

Before applying:

Before applying to our IM Calls, please check your study plan with your school’s office to confirm when you are eligible to go abroad. Alongside the publication of our IM Calls, we also provide a list of our bachelor’s eligibility criteria for each semester. Even so, we highly advise our students to plan ahead and seek out information before the Call is announced.

Have a look our interactive map that shows the locations of our partner universities here! [to be uploaded soon]. Before making your selection, research the universities you are interested in.

When you go on exchange, you will only pay tuition at IE University and not the partner institution. Other expenses such as airfare, accommodation, food, medical insurance, passport/visas and personal spending should be taken into consideration before committing to a program. (Check our partners fact sheet on campus for an estimated cost of living)



Publication: December
Resolution: February
Info session at IEU: mid February


Publication: March
Resolution: April
Info session at IEU: mid September

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Andrejs & Javier

"We knew right of the bat that Shanghai would be the perfect place for us to academically and personally expand our horizons."

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Veronica Quiroga

"Studying abroad gave me a new outlook on life and taught me that developing strong relationships is one of the most rewarding things in life."

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Sebastian Kruger

"My favorite memory from this enriching experience has to be discovering Montreal’s beauty in the fall."

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160+ Available universities for IE University students


Gabriela Chia

Gabriela from Spain, went on exchange to Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Karan Khosla

Karan from India, went on exchange to the University of Michigan in the United States.

Noa Benzadon

Noa from Colombia, went on exchange to Hong Kong University.

Rita Fernandez

Rita from Spain, went on exchange to Science Po in France.

Sofía Gaviria

Sofía from Colombia, went on exchange to Korea University in South Korea.