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Manuela Concha | IE University

Manuela Concha

About me

I’m from Colombia, but I moved to Spain in 2021 to follow a dream—or more specifically to follow the future I desired through my degree. I have always loved meeting people from all over the world and getting a grasp of the differences between our cultures. So, while moving all the way across “the pond,” and away from my family was an incredibly difficult decision, I knew that IE University is a place where I could grow not only academically and professionally, but also as an individual.

Manuela Concha
Undergraduate student
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Dual Degree in Business Administration + Data and Business Analytics
Manuela Concha | IE University

"I started my university career not so long ago, yet I‘ve had so many opportunities to grow and join different activities which encourage my personal and professional growth."

Manuela Concha

Greatness from small beginnings

As difficult as her decision to move across the Atlantic may have been, the program structure of Manuela’s chosen dual degree program has exactly the focus she was looking for. Combine that with what she describes as the “amazing cultural diversity” of the IE Community, and her mind was made up.

And since having made that decision, Manuela has certainly given 100% to live the experience to the fullest. As she chose a dual degree program, Manuela has the opportunity to experience university life in both Segovia and Madrid, and get involved in plenty of extracurricular activities. Her time in Segovia has already proved fruitful—she has formed bonds with fellow students from a variety of programs, and happily points out how frequently she bumps into somebody she knows either on campus or out and about in the city.

Manuela describes her dual degree as “difficult and demanding,” but she is enjoying developing daily goals and, in addressing the complex situations the program throws at her, improving her problem-solving skills. Overall, she says the program represents her passion for computer science, mathematics, economics and business. She’s able to pursue all of these topics alongside her cohort, the only one currently in Segovia and with whom she spends a lot of time, further strengthening those bonds with her peers.

Outside of the classroom, while she hasn’t been able to find the time to join any athletics clubs, she is a keen gym-goer, and Segovia’s small size means she often finds herself sharing yoga or spinning classes with fellow students. The fact that most of her program classes happen in the afternoon also allows Manuela to squeeze in some morning artistic pursuits such as ballet, painting or singing, leaving the evenings for homework and the gym.

Even though her schedule is incredibly full, she has somehow found time to join the Women in Business Club and attend Liquid Learning discussions. The abundance of clubs, labs, organizations, seminars and voluntary opportunities on offer is something she relishes, “I started my university career not so long ago, but I have had so many opportunities to grow, and to join different activities which encourage my personal and professional growth.”

A perfect example of those opportunities is the Start-up Lab, which has given Manuela an insight into the business world. Knowing that she will be presenting proposals to potential angel investors has really incentivized her to leverage her creative, leadership and organizational skills. She has come up with an idea that, with time and effort, has become a project product, with the process further reinforcing her belief that she has chosen the right university to help her achieve her goals.

This has led to Manuela contemplating her future career, and since her plans are not yet fixed, she intends to take part in as many of the opportunities offered by IE University as possible, to expand her knowledge and experience. For now she’s happy to live in the present, be the best version of herself and not rush to get the big accomplishments done just yet.

That takes time and experience, she says, pointing to a phrase she has always lived by: Sic parvis magna—greatness from small beginnings. Manuela doesn’t give up on small goals because, she believes, through patience and perseverance, they become great things. We think she’ll go on to be living proof that she’s right!