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Bachelor in Business Administration Concentrations

Choosing your own path and personalizing your program is an essential part of your BBA learning journey at IE University. Through our concentrations you can dive deeper into the areas of finance, entrepreneurship, and technology to learn all the skills you will need to build a strong professional profile capable of achieving success in each of these fields. In all our BBA concentrations you will learn from industry experts, top academics, and real-world professionals who will help you shape a specialized profile capable of tackling the most complex challenges in each of these areas.

If you feel prepared to choose a concentration in year one, then you can start diving deeper into the area of your preference in the first semester through specific activities, personalized career guidance, seminars, and more. You can also delay your choice up until the end of your first year or even your second year. By then, you will have to decide whether you wish to pursue a concentration in finance, entrepreneurship, or technology, or if you would rather continue with the broader curriculum of the BBA in which case you will pursue a concentration in general management.
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Master financial strategy and become a game-changer in Business

In our increasingly globalized and digitalized business world, top executives must know how to implement financially sound business solutions using efficient and tech-forward methods. The Bachelor in Business Administration in Finance will equip you with all the knowledge and skills needed to become a cutting-edge business professional with sharp finance skills to work across borders and drive business growth under any circumstance.

This highly practical program is aimed at ambitious individuals seeking to become disruptive innovators in the corporate world. You will master your managerial, accounting, statistical and math skills, while harnessing the power of financial analysis to succeed in today’s ever-changing business economy. After gaining an understanding of how money is raised and invested, you will learn how to make corporate investments and implement sound financial strategies, all while increasing your business acumen. This holistic view of business and finance will allow you to make informed decisions compatible with the upward growth of any business or organization. By the end of the program, you will have mastered this business knowledge and theory, while also gaining the hands-on tools to help any company stand out from the competition.


Analytically driven, dynamic and ambitious, with a tactical mindset that enables them to solve global business and financial problems.


A comprehensive, international program that will equip you with cutting-edge business and financial insights, as well as the skills and tools to stand out in today’s increasingly competitive sector.


• Investment Banker
• Management Accountant
• Corporate Finance Associate
• Financial Analyst
• Merger and Acquisitions Associate
• Quantitative Analyst



One-of-a-kind educational experience

IE Business School has crafted a world-class, one-of-a-kind teaching methodology to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of business administration. This future-forward degree is flexible, personalized and well-connected. The program’s unique layout allows you to craft your own individual learning journey and choose the topics that will kickstart your path toward professional success. This unparalleled learning experience will shape you into a leading professional in the world of business and finance, equipping you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you need to excel in an increasingly demanding job market.

Get prepared for today’s ever-changing business landscape

Theory will only get you so far—nowadays being able to implement and execute theoretical concepts is key to becoming a successful business leader. This innovative degree strikes the perfect balance between pioneering academic teaching, a unique learning methodology and real-life, hands-on business experience from day one. Alongside mastering the principles of business administration and finance, you will work with real companies on real-world problems and projects, allowing you to fully observe and understand how this field of work operates on a day-to-day basis. This will shape you into a prepared, adaptable and one-of-a-kind professional able to tackle the realities of the corporate world and capital markets straight out of university.

Gain a deep understanding of business and the financial sector

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it has never been more important to study the business world from a global perspective, and master the skills necessary to operate across borders, languages and cultures. By the end of the program, you will have harnessed the power of microeconomics, macroeconomics and investment strategies, such as hedge funds, asset management and distress investments. Alongside these industry-specific skills, you will develop your management, leadership and technical abilities, preparing you for today’s global business economy and the rapid advance of financial technology within it. Begin your career one step ahead of the game as you gain the skills and insights to become a successful market disruptor.

Dive deep into the world of Fintech

Digital transformation continues to take the financial sector and capital markets by storm. Advanced methods and tech-forward techniques are pushing traditional business norms out the window—understanding the impact on financial services is crucial to excelling in the sector. IE Universty’s Bachelor in Business Administration in Finance will allow you to harness the power of FinTech and gain first-hand insights into the impact of technology on the financial markets and the future of corporate finance and private equity. As technological innovation becomes increasingly relevant to business growth, your understanding of FinTech will increase your recruitment appeal and shape you into an in-demand entrepreneur.


Investment Banker

As an investment banker you are responsible for helping clients raise money in capital markets through buying and selling a wide range of financial products, derivates, options, and assets.. When clients seek investment opportunities outside their usual areas of expertise, investment bankers will be enlisted to advise them on how to manage their money and ensure everything goes smoothly. Investment Banking is a highly prestigious and competitive field to work in. The in-depth knowledge of financial principles and hands-on business experience you will gain from this degree will give you the tools you need to thrive in such a demanding field.

Management Accountant

After completing this program, you will have developed your leadership and management skills and mastered your ability to work with financial tools and models to accurately predict and drive business growth. With this experience and expertise you will be fully qualified to work for a public company, private business or a government agency, managing a company’s Financial Planning & Analysis team or managerial accounting team. This involves performing tasks such as budgeting, strategic business planning and risk management, helping businesses to drive growth as a result.

Corporate Finance Associate

Corporate Finance Associates use advanced technology, complex financial tools and market research to conduct comprehensive financial evaluations for transactions. This job combines extensive behind-the-scenes work with client-facing responsibilities, as you participate in meetings with buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords, advising them on their strategies and investments. With the relevant theoretical knowledge with the hands-on, practical experience the program provides, you need to successfully excel in this industry after you have completed your degree.

Financial Analyst

As a Financial Analyst, you are responsible for assessing a company’s financial situation and budget. Using this information, you then have to develop and present financial strategies, with the ultimate aim of boosting the company’s returns. Depending on the size of the firm you work for, you could be an analyst for a single division or an entire company. Duties and responsibilities include assembling financial reports, forecasting incoming revenue and identifying and evaluating new financial opportunities. After completing this program, you will have mastered the principles of business administration and finance, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to offer informed and constructive financial advice to businesses across the globe.

Merger and Acquisitions Associate

Merger and Acquisitions Associates usually monitor junior analysts and train them to work with complex financial structures, ultimately enhancing their research and analytical skills. This involves offering guidance and teaching on business theory as well as digital skills, such as working with excel spreadsheets and programming tools. A Merger and Acquisitions Associate will also conduct market research to support an organizations’ deal and justify their financial strategy and decision-making. This degree will equip you with the business acumen and technical skills you need to land such a high-earning position in leading international financial service companies across the globe, such as JP Morgan, Deloitte and PwC.

Quantitative Analyst

A Quantitative Analyst is a financial specialist who writes complex financial models to solve accounting and risk management problems. They are the brains behind the mathematical and statistical methods used to make financial and business decisions about pricing, investments and risk management in investment banks and hedge funds. As Big Data continues to lead change in the financial services industry, these analysts are becoming increasingly sought-after, particularly in the FinTech sector, where models are needed to handle and automate huge amounts of data for trading purposes. This degree will equip you with the digital expertise you need to successfully create and operate these financial models, and in turn use them to offer sound insights on business and financial matters.

BBA IN Entrepreneurship

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and bring your game-changing ideas to life

In today’s modern era, the world’s business landscape is constantly changing and becoming increasingly demanding. Top entrepreneurs must be able to manage, lead, and innovate in order to navigate our complex global markets efficiently and effectively. The BBA in Entrepreneurship is a dynamic program aimed at driven individuals who are prepared to tackle the larger world of business headfirst while seeking to improve economies and societies with new, disruptive business ventures.

Throughout the program, you will enhance your management and leadership prowess as you learn to drive business development and innovation on a global scale. You will hone the skills needed to get a new business off the ground, from pitching your idea, to shaping it into a fully-fledged, successful business. After gaining an in-depth understanding of how to launch a company, you will learn how to handle the various obstacles and pitfalls that may arise along the way, as well as how to harness the power of technology to drive your business forward.

Entrepreneurship is no longer purely personal. Today’s entrepreneurs are focused on much more than their bottom line. They contribute to society, both financially and on an individual basis, in order to solve practical, economic, and social problems. This program will enhance your ability to innovate and disrupt as you build, lead, and manage a business, giving you the tools you need to spearhead global advancement and make a positive change in the world.


Passionate, with entrepreneurially focused business ambition and a vision to create a new venture. These natural leaders are not afraid to take risks as they develop innovative solutions to boost business performance and generate impact.


A challenging, hands-on degree dedicated to developing business ideas, creating opportunities, or searching for leading positions in dynamic new ventures. You will develop real-life entrepreneurial and leadership abilities, alongside key skills to drive a successful, sustainable, and responsible business. These will include project management, systems thinking, service design, digital business knowledge, and high-level communication skills. Coupled with a grounding in negotiation best practices, these skills will transform you into a creative and strategically minded entrepreneur, able to design and carry out effective business plans.


• Business Consultant
• Business Manager
• Entrepreneur
• New Product Manager
• Business Developer
• Transformation Manager
• Research and Development Manager
• Innovation Advisor



Put your entrepreneurship skills into practice

It is a universal fact that understanding the theories of entrepreneurship are key to becoming a successful business trailblazer. However, nowadays it is more important to put these theories into practice and gain firsthand experience of the real world. The BBA in Entrepreneurship combines rigorous academic teaching with real-life, practical business experience from the get-go, preparing you for a smooth transition to working life once you graduate. Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to apply the strong business and managerial foundations you will develop to hands-on courses and real-life projects. By merging your acquired knowledge with the practical components of entrepreneurship, you will become better equipped to identify, understand, and take on the challenging and changing realities of business in today’s volatile economy.

One-of-a-kind learning journey

The innovative composition of the program combines Fundamentals, Broadening Options, and Practicals to ensure your professional learning journey covers all bases and sets you on an upward path to success. This unique teaching methodology allows you to shape your own future-forward, flexible and personalized educational experience at the same time as mastering the core aspects of business administration and entrepreneurship. This course will shape you into a disruptive game-changer able to successfully navigate the complexities of an increasingly competitive business world and the job market.

Tech-driven approach to entrepreneurship

Technology has never before been so ingrained in every aspect of the day-to-day running of businesses. From research and development to advertising, there are countless areas in which the incorporation of new technology can streamline, automate, and transform how modern-day companies operate. It is therefore more important than ever for entrepreneurs to take advantage of technological advancements to catapult their businesses to new heights. At IE University, we are firm believers in the powerful effects and enormous potential of technological innovation and disruption. No matter what industry you work in, harnessing the power of technology is key to success. That’s why we offer our students all the cutting-edge resources and state-of-the-art facilities they need to get to grips with the new digitally transformed landscape we live in, and understand its revolutionary impact on the business world.

Leave your mark on the world

It is easy enough to come up with a good business idea, but what separates a good idea from a great one is the value it adds to people’s lives and society as a whole. There must be a gap in the market—a need for your business, product, or service. Without a need, your business will not be supported nor impactful, and is unlikely to last. The most successful business ideas change the way we live and work, improving our standard and quality of living, producing economic wealth, and even creating jobs. Entrepreneurship is much more than a simple idea, and IE University recognizes this. With our pioneering faculty, cutting-edge resources, and unparalleled global network, you will be equipped with everything you need to transform your business idea into a reality and drive long-lasting, positive change across the globe.


Innovation Business Consultant

Consultants advise businesses and organizations on strategy optimization. They conduct research and collect data to understand operations, while liaising with different stakeholders to implement business solutions across all functions and areas. A good business consultant will have a strong strategic vision, with the hands-on entrepreneurial tools and training to implement new practices. Your ability to go on site, identify problems and find solutions will help you stand out in this position, regardless of industry or company type.

Business Manager

Business managers typically plan, direct, and oversee both operations and employees in a company. The position calls for holistic individuals with a broad range of skills and abilities, able to understand the functions and inner workings of every level of a company. With strong, inspirational leadership skills alongside the practical, entrepreneurial know-how to roll up your sleeves and make things happen, students of this program have the perfect combination to perform well in this role.


This program is the ultimate in hands-on, practical training for entrepreneurially minded individuals looking to set up their own business. Based on a foundation of creativity and innovation, business owners are able to implement solutions and develop solutions to improve their competitive position in their chosen markets.

New Product Manager

An idea is one thing—a viable product is another. New product managers are the wizards that take the spark of an idea and breathe life into it, getting it ready for distribution. The stages involved move from research and development to engineering, manufacturing, going live and finally distribution. Creative, highly driven individuals with the right mix of entrepreneurial vision, leadership skills and practical problem-solving know-how are perfect for this role. Whether working on their own product or someone else’s, product managers are natural collaborators with the drive and passion necessary to bring a product to life.

Business Developer

Taking a business forward requires more than an innovative product. It takes a holistic approach that touches on all levels of a business, from individual, self-starter work to defining concepts and procedure to bringing the best out of your team. Whether you’re developing your own business or another’s, your strong grounding in entrepreneurship and leadership will give you the broad mix of important skills necessary to improve a company’s performance. If a business runs like a well-oiled machine—a business developer is the engineer that brings it to life.

Transformation Manager

Companies are brimming with opportunities for growth and development. As a business transformation manager, you would take an active role in searching for these opportunities, and implementing change to improve performance. It’s a creative, challenging, and highly rewarding role that promotes interdepartmental communication and touches on all areas of business. Creative individuals with well-developed soft skills and a penchant for implementing operational change and delivering measurable improvements will excel in this position.

Research and Development Manager

Regardless of the field, sector, or specific organization, research and development managers play an important role in a company’s success. They are responsible for overseeing the entire development process for new company programs and protocols, beginning at the researching and planning phase right through to implementation. To succeed in this position, you need a holistic managerial and organizational skill set, as well as your fair share of creative flair. You’ll be working with budgets and pushing ideas forward, while staying up to date on the wider R&D trends to keep your company a top market force. The rigorous entrepreneurial training on this program provides the perfect toolkit for anyone looking to take on this exciting and impactful role.

Innovation Advisor

Research and development initiatives are complex processes that require a substantial investment and can represent a considerable amount of risk. Yet the rewards of well-developed initiatives are long lasting and have a huge impact on the company’s performance. As an innovation advisor, you will be responsible for the strategic and analytical development of R&D initiatives to offset risk and produce results. Your day to day will involve anything from performing market research and business assessments to the collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. With this data, you can then produce actionable insights that influence business decisions and strategies. Thanks to the strong strategic and managerial skill set gained in this program, graduates are in a prime position to excel in this position.

BBA in Technology

Harness the power of tech to drive business growth

Technology is at the heart of business. It is both a powerful tool for companies to remain competitive and a record-breaking industry in its own right, with tech stocks leapfrogging traditional businesses on stock markets around the globe. And while their stock value continues to rise, US tech companies have already started diversifying their services to enter new sectors and markets. In this high-growth and highly competitive world, we need high-impact professionals to help businesses understand technology and harness its potential to drive their companies forward. That’s where the Bachelor in Business Administration in Technology comes in.

This cutting-edge program is targeted at ambitious individuals who are ready to ignite their passion for tech and become dynamic leaders capable of designing their own paths to success. Students will dive into the world of tech to learn how to harness digital innovation in business and manage innovative tech companies. You’ll also explore what it takes to be a disruptive entrepreneur in the tech industry as you develop the knowledge and skills needed to define an organization’s strategy. As you discover the most impactful methods and techniques for running a successful tech-powered business, you’ll also acquire the soft skills and leadership know-how needed to interact with users, tech specialists and managers to align all stakeholders around a common mission—to succeed.


Innovative problem-solvers fascinated by technology. You are passionate about discovering and implementing technological solutions to difficult challenges.


A cutting-edge, hands-on program that will put you at the forefront of the digital world and enable you to have an impact at the intersection of technology and business.


• Business Innovation Manager
• Business Intelligence Manager
• Information Systems Manager
• Agile Consultant
• Product Manager
• Technology Entrepreneur




Understand fundamental concepts and apply these to real life with a learning methodology that’s completely connected to the tech world. You’ll experience and develop solutions to real-world problems and discover how to create value through innovation and tech management. Not only will you become a technology expert capable of tackling current and future problems, you will learn how to lead companies into the digital future. What’s more, you will apply concepts such as extended reality, blockchain, and fintech to improve the customer journey across a broad range of sectors including health, energy, and real estate.


Our faculty is made up of a diverse group of academics and professionals at the top of the technology revolution who bring real-world expertise to the classroom. During the program, you will take interactive, practical classes that focus on providing you with the real-world knowledge and hands-on skills you need to successfully build and transform technology. You will tailor your IE University labs, internships, and final project to your own path as a technology expert.


Throughout the program, you will discover how technology is at the center of every business, sector and industry. As you explore the basic concepts of business, you’ll constantly seek new ways to improve traditional business models, services and processes through digital transformation and technology. By the end of the program, you’ll be well placed to approach the world of business from a tech perspective, allowing you to pursue the career path of your choosing—whether at a tech company or a traditional business seeking innovative solutions.


Gain a multidisciplinary understanding of technology and immerse yourself into the most critical topics facing businesses today, from the economics of technological change and platform economics to innovation management. You will learn to design and utilize thinking methodologies, agile methodologies and change management, and acquire the leadership and interpersonal skills that all technologists need to succeed. Upon completion, you will possess a fully rounded profile with the ability to transform the digital world and drive change to innovate.



Innovation is a wide-ranging concept, and as such business innovation managers have extensive roles and responsibilities. An innovation manager is a technologist, an ideator and an enabler, creatively seeking tech-driven solutions while building the structures and processes needed to facilitate the innovation process. As such, they must develop a high-performing atmosphere and collaborate across cross-functional teams to interpret business strategy and devise innovative solutions that meet a company’s overarching goals. A business innovation manager possesses the leadership, analytical, communication and decision-making skills to manage innovation at any organization. After gathering inputs from a range of stakeholders internally and externally, the manager establishes resource allocation and team division to shape a long-term innovation capability. Once the strategy has been set, the innovation manager continuously manages and monitors the process to ensure it overcomes any obstacles to success. Deliverables take the form of new technological capabilities, which the manager transfers to the wider organization to drive opportunities for growth, efficiency and greater customer satisfaction.


Business intelligence managers analyze market strategies through the study of related products, markets or share trends. They collate business intelligence data through public information, industry, field reports and purchased sources in order to reach informed conclusions on business practices. Another task is to evaluate technology trends to improve sales of current products or spot markets for future product development. Additionally, business intelligence managers regularly communicate with competitors, customers and suppliers to stay on top of current trends. Furthermore, they ensure efficient utilization of the firm’s resources besides selecting, training and reviewing the performance of new analytical staff. Business intelligence managers are also responsible for analyst teams that utilize an assortment of statistical methodologies to solve quantitative business issues and augment earnings. A business intelligence manager must possess problem-solving and analytical skills, along with a strong knowledge of current industry practices, like different measured profitability approaches. They should understand and use new information for present and future problem-solving and decision-making. The ability to work with other managers and intelligence professionals is vital. Finally, they must be able to convey information in a clear and effective manner.


Information system managers or IT supervisors are in charge of the safe and powerful operation of all PC frameworks, related applications, equipment and programming that is utilized inside an extensive variety of open and private area associations. Information systems managers oversee technology use in a business or organization. They make decisions about installation, maintenance and upgrades on the electronic devices used in the workplace. These managers are business executives who both manage and implement computer and IT systems. They act as the liaison between an organization’s top management and IT specialists. The job outlook for these managers is strong, as businesses and institutions are looking to technology to improve productivity and organization. As a high-level executive, the information systems manager is in charge of computer- and technology-related research, development and productivity. They manage the work of other IT professionals, like computer engineers, systems analysts, data security specialists and computer support specialists. They frequently work directly under the chief operating officer. Information systems managers can find work at any type of for-profit or non-profit organization.


Agile consultants provide comprehensive answers to specific problems identified in a particular project. By offering expertise, analysis and recommendations, the consultant leverages their knowledge and expertise to offer impactful methods for resolving problems. Many Agile consultants are self-employed freelancers, working across companies and industries to solve complex issues. As such, these consultants can expect to develop expertise in a variety of industries and countries, using this expansive insight to better respond to progressively more complicated challenges. As an expert on Agile frameworks, Agile consultants work on three key principles: an iterative approach, short feedback loops, and a disciplined project-management process. After being contracted to solve a problem, the consultant will ask teams a series of questions to encourage employees to identify the most pertinent problems and issues. They will go on to design a strategy based on the Agile methodology, coordinating teams and providing support to employees while always remaining attuned to the overarching strategy.


Product managers are the bridge between technology and business. Constantly in touch with the evolving needs of customers and the changing marketplace, product managers design and manage new products to ensure their company maintains a competitive advantage. Taking into account stakeholder needs and commercial strategies, they build a roadmap to manage development of a project from inception to launch. Responsible for the success of the new product, they leverage their creativity, leadership and strong analytical skills to organize and motivate teams. Firstly, a product manager will determine customers’ needs and desires by conducting market research and assessing the competition. Subsequently, they will recommend the function, scope and format of new product lines or suggest improvements to existing services. Working across departments and collaborating closely with R&D, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales and customer service departments, the product manager will coordinate cross-functional teams to successfully bring the new offering to market. Ultimately, their role is to meet customers’ changing needs and ensure the business continues to grow and cement its market share.


Technology entrepreneurs explore scientific and research and development fields to transform their potential into innovative products and services. As a result, they are key factors in building the innovation potential of modern enterprises. This is particularly true for SMEs that have a limited ability to carry out independent research and development operations due to their reduced resources. By exploring innovations in product, process, organization and management, technology entrepreneurs can help these businesses acquire profitable and permanent competitive advantages. As a technology entrepreneur, you will plan and direct the operations of a company, providing the organization with leadership and direction. Some of your roles will include: seeking new directions and ways to improve and grow the company; leading strategic and operational matters; overseeing financial records and taking appropriate actions (such as securing a new line of credit to handle unforeseen events); establishing the business’s desired image and overall marketing plan; carrying out HR functions; and ensuring customer satisfaction.

BBA in Sales & Marketing

Become part of the next generation of sales and marketing professionals who are transforming the business world

The modern marketing world is increasingly digital, using the latest technology to focus on customer experience and help companies cultivate customer relationships and a brand image that will foster loyalty. Companies are looking for skilled communicators who know the ins and outs of both modern and traditional marketing methodologies, and they need dynamic individuals with the innovative ideas that will make their products or services stand out from the rest.

The BBA in Sales and Marketing is curated to your strengths and interests, equipping you with a well-rounded view of advertising, branding, market studies and digital marketing tools. Learn the basics of channel management and retailing, master methods of quantitative and qualitative research, understand consumer behavior, confidently navigate the supply chain and learn to direct sales forces and distribution processes.

The field of sales and marketing requires omnichannel knowledge as digital marketing takes firm root among traditional methods. And Madrid, a central axis for business and technology companies, is the ideal city to catalyze your career. In this epicenter for European business, you will hone your knowledge of digital and traditional marketing platforms and prepare to apply your own unique abilities to marketing roles anywhere across the globe. Develop the skills you need to manage social media and brand identity, craft an attractive customer journey, or even act as marketing consultant for executives or steering committees. IE Business School’s prestigious program will give you the edge you need to become an asset to companies in any industry.


Driven, creative individuals seeking to harness this game-changing moment in the business world and bring innovative ideas to traditional sales and marketing. This program attracts strong communicators who want to revolutionize the way companies promote their brands.


A progressive approach to marketing and the tools to jump-start a transformational career path. This program is for those seeking to delve deeper into digital, social and traditional media marketing to learn how to boost brands, products and corporate identity in an ever-competitive market. Learn about market research and data reporting, strategic sales, key account management and integrated marketing communication—and practice putting these relevant skills into action to drive the future of today’s businesses.


• Marketing Manager
• Sales Manager
• Account Manager
• Brand Manager
• Digital Marketing Manager
• Marketing Consultant
• Product Manager
• Social Media Manager
• Customer Service Manager
• Area Manager




You’ll exit this program as a highly qualified professional in tune with the market trends of today and able to predict those of the future. The BBA in Sales and Marketing provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the most important tech tools in the industry and the latest developments in customer psychology.


Companies need innovative professionals who are not afraid to shake things up, introduce new products to the market or find creative ways to reorient products already out there. Start designing unique marketing campaigns that will boost sales in your target audiences and become the kind of trailblazer that every company considers an asset.


Get the hands-on experience you need now to hit the ground running when, or even before, you graduate. Apply your classroom learning to real-world challenges through collaborative projects with classmates and internships with real companies. Learn to perform market research, analyze data, and launch and manage all phases of sales and marketing campaigns.


The relationship between a company and its customers is key, and in this program, you will learn to understand the customer experience inside and out. Discover how to carefully craft the journey that a customer travels in their relationship with a brand or product. Use a strategic mindset to globally manage the entire marketing process—from pricing and advertising to new product launches—creating a direct impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty and support.


Marketing Manager

Marketing managers have a comprehensive role with multifaceted responsibilities. They are the brains and the strategy behind marketing campaigns and other initiatives crucial to a company’s image and advertising reach. This is a role that will have you carrying out market research, designing promotional plans and monitoring those plans from start to finish. Your BBA in Sales and Marketing will prepare you for all aspects of the marketing manager position: from public relations, data analytics and managing web and social media content to developing brand identity and brand awareness. You’ll be equipped with the tools to become the marketing manager that companies look for, with adept leadership and communication skills and a powerful ability to motivate and inspire teams.

Sales Manager

A skilled sales manager knows how to delegate tasks, recruit, hire and coach new personnel and supervise and motivate high-performance teams. Studying sales and marketing will teach you how to create sales forecasts, set targets and expertly guide teams toward the established objectives. Sales managers must possess strong data analytics skills and have an acute vision of the future of the company, its brand identity, and how to breathe life into the products and services they sell.

Account Manager

Networking with customers and third parties, running campaigns, and often developing and managing a territory and establishing the corresponding targets—account managers carry a lot of responsibilities. Powerful people skills are a must, as this role centers around building, maintaining and expanding business relationships to further the reach of a company’s product or services. This program will equip you with the technical skills you need to successfully manage a portfolio of accounts, as well as help you to further cultivate the soft skills necessary to nurture positive customer relationships and develop an effective network of contacts in whatever industry you decide to venture into.

Brand Manager

This role is all about curating a brand’s identity, ensuring that the brand makes a positive impression on potential customers and anyone who may be observing and evaluating the integrity of a brand. This can be a fun, high-profile job involving events, campaigns and a bit of customer psychology. You will excel as a brand manager if you have strong analytical, communication and leadership skills and enjoy project-based work. In this program, you will guide brand marketing initiatives from the research and planning phases to product launches. Being a brand manager means being responsible, especially if a brand’s reputation has been threatened in any way. A skilled brand manager knows how to steer the ship straight again and cultivate positive public opinion surrounding the company’s product or services.

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers are in charge of all online marketing channels. They handle a company’s website, social media presence, online advertising campaigns, email campaigns and management of any other online content. They are not only responsible for juggling all of these online channels simultaneously, but also for analyzing the reach and effectiveness of each channel in order to shift strategy as the need arises. SEO and budgeting skills are also a must. If you have an eye for detail and enjoy brainstorming campaigns and managing content, this may be a role you enjoy, and this program will equip you with the digital skills you need to excel in this position that has recently skyrocketed to the top of employers’ priority lists.

Marketing Consultant

Marketing consultants are the third parties that companies turn to when they need to make changes in their marketing scheme, launch a new marketing campaign, or when they just need an outside perspective on areas for improvement. Marketing consultants carry out market analyses to help companies define their marketing strategy and objectives. They may lay out a marketing roadmap for a company or oversee specific marketing campaigns. If you enjoy behavioral psychology, have strategic vision and enjoy creating detailed plans and monitoring their progress, you may be cut out for a marketing consultant position. This program will teach you all the traditional and digital marketing techniques that companies desire so that you can excel in your consulting career, whether that be with a consulting firm or as an independent contractor.

Product Manager

Product managers design the roadmap for all phases of the product life cycle, from conception to release. In this program, you will learn how to assess consumer requirements, study market competition, establish pricing ranges and arrange the testing, manufacture, marketing, and sale of a product. Product managers must also ensure that the product is in line with the brand’s identity and creates the impression a company wishes to give to consumers. If you have a creative mind, are detail-oriented and enjoy seeing a project through from start to finish, studying sales and marketing will set you up to fully excel in a product manager position.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers play a key role not only in spreading brand awareness, but also in direct interaction with customers—problem solving, building loyalty and creating a brand personality on social media. This job will have you monitoring trends, creating and managing campaigns, using analytics tools to assess usage and engagement, and using your creative flair to create attractive content that encourages customer interaction. Getting a degree in sales and marketing will help you develop both the technical and soft skills that you need to stand out as a social media manager. You’ll be optimizing SEO, coordinating with influencers and creating hashtags for marketing campaigns before you know it.

Customer Service Manager

If you have powerful problem-solving skills, enjoy building relationships and leading teams and are a good mediator, you may enjoy working as a customer service manager. This position is key in maintaining a positive relationship between the company and its customers, and the role exists across all industries. Having a sales and marketing degree will open doors to the endless opportunities available in customer service management.

Area Manager

An area manager, or regional manager, is in charge of sales for a designated geographical area. Having a sales and marketing degree will help you develop the analytical and communication skills you need so that you can confidently lead regional teams to reach all the targets you set. Depending on your company’s business model, this role may involve managing physical stores or being at the head of a team of sales representatives. This can be a fun, dynamic position that will likely involve travel. If you have natural leadership and communication skills and a knack for customer service, an area manager position may be an excellent fit for you.

BBA in Consulting and Strategy

Tap into your strategy and consulting skills and lead the businesses of the future

Companies are continuously looking to identify opportunities for growth. And in today’s business landscape, professional consultants are playing an increasingly key role in developing corporate strategy across all types of industries.

The BBA in Consulting and Strategy will teach you everything you need to know about evaluating a business and developing strategic transformation plans. Learn to analyze statistics, use data visualization to draw up disruptive action plans and understand complex management situations in order to provide keen insight in corporate decision-making.

Today’s companies are seeking out the expertise of consultants—professionals with strategic advising abilities spanning various sectors. The individuals in demand are those who can shed light on new ways of doing business, in turn helping companies to optimize their operations, marketing, finances and more. Whether aiming to get startups off the ground or to restructure operating methodology in large multinationals, consulting experts are in greater demand than ever before.

This renowned program located in the international business hub of Madrid will equip participants with the consulting and strategy skills you need to take businesses to the next level. With rigorous academics, endless networking opportunities and career specialists to help secure employment after graduation, The BBA in Consulting and Strategy prepares you to carve out your place among the strategic business leaders of tomorrow.


Eager to disrupt traditional ways of doing business, ready to tap into their analytical skills and use innovation and strategic foresight to make a lasting impact in the way corporations operate. If you have a quantitative background, a competitive GMAT score and speak three languages fluently (or are prepared to take additional language classes), this is the track for you.


An academic challenge that stimulates learning and creativity. You will fuel your critical thinking and learn to analyze statistical data, as well as assess corporate alliances to determine the advantages and disadvantages of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Learn different methods of plotting data, developing business models and pitching strategies to steering committees. Become familiar with fundamental sustainability requirements and the powerful impact of corporate social responsibility on a company’s reputation and brand identity.


• Strategy Consultant
• Management Consultant
• Operations Consultant
• Financial Consultant
• HR Consultant
• IT Consultant




Consulting is perhaps the most prestigious branch of the professional services industry, and it is booming. Companies across all sectors seek the help of external consultants to help shed new light on their problems and provide them with creative solutions. Learn how to conduct complex research, analyze data and compare case studies while simultaneously cultivating soft skills such as leadership, persuasion and relationship building. You will emerge a fully fledged consulting professional, highly employable across a wide variety of sectors.


The BBA in Consulting and Strategy will help you become a change-maker not afraid to propose progressive solutions. Companies turn to consultants at key times in their development, such as mergers and acquisitions, organizational restructuring and implementation of new technology platforms. You will learn how to develop and execute projects that will help your client companies gain a competitive advantage, whether you’re tasked with crafting a new corporate strategy or developing sustainability goals that are practical and measurable.


As a consultant, you’ll be asked to solve business problems in areas that may be entirely new to you. You’ll often have to get creative with your research, finding out whether there are existing case studies that parallel the problem you’re trying to solve, analyzing large amounts of data, dialoguing with executives and other stakeholders and likely traveling for research or meeting with clients. This is a dynamic field that will keep you on your toes.


Sometimes it takes a second set of eyes to see to the root of a business problem. This program teaches you to skillfully assess a wide variety of business scenarios and create winning strategies that promise sustained growth. Learn what it takes to make big decisions that are vital to the future of companies, whether those goals be improving market positioning, revamping customer service strategy or deciding whether to expand business to a new geographical area. Gain the skills necessary to consider business strategies from all angles and confidently structure sustainable solutions.


Strategy Consultant

Strategy consultants advise on a range of high-level decisions in order to help companies create value, improve business performance and maximize growth. They identify solutions for business problems and suggest changes, dialoguing with top executives to find the right solutions for their company. This is a role that requires keen analytical thinking, long-term vision and persuasion skills.

Management Consultant

Management consultants help businesses find effective ways to implement new management strategies or adjust the existing ones to increase productivity, competitiveness and profitability. This role may involve interviewing client employees, assessing supply chain management or managing a team in charge of implementing the changes deemed necessary. The management consultant role calls for strong analytical and people skills.

Operations Consultant

Operations consultants help companies develop and implement strategies to streamline their current operations or to undertake operational transformation. They use data-driven research to diagnose problems and optimize resources, seeking to reduce costs and waste, and to improve operational efficiency. Operations consultants possess in-depth knowledge of regulatory standards and practices to ensure a business is functioning safely and responsibly.

Financial Consultant

Financial consultants analyze companies’ financial situation, budget and accounting procedures, and look for areas that need improvement. This is a role that requires a good head for numbers, powerful foresight and extreme accuracy. Professionals in this role find themselves conducting financial analysis, making forecasts and drawing up budget plans.

HR Consultant

HR consultants hold responsibilities that range from recruiting and training new client personnel to diagnosing problems and creating action plans to resolve issues in the workforce. They provide guidance on managing, maintaining, and maximizing human talent, often conducting training sessions for client employees and working in close communication with HR teams within client companies.

IT Consultant

IT consultants help companies in projects that range from analyzing specific technical problems and finding solutions to implementing organization-wide digital transformation. IT consultants are the liaison between management and the technical team. As an IT consultant, you’ll help companies envision and bring to life digital projects that will streamline their operations and boost productivity.