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IE University, recognized internationally for its high-quality teaching and prestigious partnerships, enables graduates to compete for top positions globally, across all industries. We help our rich diversity of students to shape and launch their professional careers, equipping them with all the resources and skills they need to succeed in the job market of today and tomorrow.

Our unique learning environment facilitates professional and personal growth, empowering students to discover their full potential while guiding them down their personalized professional journey.

Our students develop highly sought-after profiles and are actively recruited by employers of leading corporations even before they graduate. Our extensive network and close ties with the business world offers endless opportunities, from important positions in major multinational companies to roles in smaller organizations and startups. Other students choose to develop entrepreneurial projects, either during or after their studies, building and managing their own companies.
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of IE University's Class of 2021 job seekers, reported they were currently working

outside their home countries


Elia de Mendoza - Internship at the Spanish Embassy in Accra, Ghana

“I have not only gained valuable professional experience for the first time, but I have also grown personally. I improved my capacity of adaptation and flexibility, overcoming new challenges and ultimately finishing the internship strong.”

Verónica Alvarez – Working at United Way Worldwide, Digital Services

“The working environment is extremely positive. Everyone is working there out of goodwill and is willing to make a meaningful impact on society. Everyone is also very open to teaching.”

Valentina Clara Rojas – Working at Amazon Spain as an Area Manager

“While studying at IE University, you learn how to become the best version of yourself. This university provides you with the skills and capabilities you’ll need when pursuing careers at large multinational companies that are focused around a strong corporate culture.”

Maud Germain –Working at UNIDO Brussels Office

“At IE University, we learn how to think critically and analyze different points of view. Our teachers taught us the importance of rigor and the need to always enquire, and the diversity at IE University allowed me to grow within a multicultural environment. My studies gave me the tools to understand and analyze current world issues and I now apply them in my day-to-day.”

Nicolás de Montauzon – Working at PJT Partner in the UK as an Investment Banking Analyst

With unparalleled flexibility and diversity as its core, IE University gave me the opportunity to always continue learning. IE University is all about finding you what are you passionate about and encouraging you to take the leap forward necessary to achieve it. No matter what I do, no matter where I go, my experience at IE University will always be the cornerstone of my professional career.

Vincent Albrecht – Internship at German Embassy in London.

My advice to anyone who wants to pursue a career in diplomacy is to firstly work on learning a new language. It will help you immensely as you can communicate so much better with other people from different countries. This will take you very far in the diplomacy sector. Also, my advice would be to network with people from different countries. Everybody has their own heterogeneous views on different topics which is why I find IE University amazing.


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