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Bachelor in International Relations

duration4 years
locationSegovia or Madrid
Mode of studyFull-time
duration4 years
locationSegovia or Madrid
Mode of studyFull-time


IE University takes an applied, student-centered approach to education—you and your career are our priority. We identify your unique strengths and give you the chance to build your career path, providing support and academic guidance every step of the way.

Throughout your studies, you can make several decisions to define your own journey. At the beginning of the program, you can join seminars to explore other academic areas and work in labs to gain internship-like experience in different sectors. You will also be able to go on exchange and to select a language to learn from Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Arabic or Chinese.

In your fourth year, you can choose from a range of electives that make up one of the four optional concentrations offered, entitling you to an additional diploma.

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Studying abroad is just one of the many ways IE University allows you to discover global perspectives and gain cross-cultural insights. The chance to live and study in another country will open you up to new possibilities, ideas, and worldviews. It’s a life-changing experience that will stay with you long after graduation.

Embark on a global adventure! Click here and find out in which semester you can go on an exchange and start planning your transformative international experience.


The IE University experience involves much more than academic studies. Our practice-based methodology takes you beyond the classroom walls and straight to the frontlines of the industry you’re passionate about. We offer an exceptional range of opportunities that allow you to tailor your studies to your specific career goals and enhance your employability by obtaining extra qualifications.


Students receive academic guidance from tutors and advisors who provide direction, encouraging the integration of the different degree elements. Build a personalized academic program that matches your professional aspirations.


IEU Labs are IE University’s alternative to traditional internships. Designed for first- and second-year students seeking high-level internship placements, the IE Labs provide a hands-on, internship-like, on-campus experience, where you work on projects for leading companies and institutions in a variety of sectors.


Holding them as one of its values, IE University understands the Humanities are key to understanding the reality of our world, and applying critical thinking skills to complex, global challenges. Students can select which Humanities course to complete, based on their interests.


Advanced Seminars complement the core degree by giving students deeper knowledge of subjects in a very diverse area of studies.


Additionally, students can take part in several internships, gaining professional skills and enhancing that highly valued international profile.


Aside from mastering Spanish, our students can decide to study other relevant languages of today’s globalized world, including French, Portuguese, German, Arabic, or Chinese.


Beyond attending the traditional courses led by professionals at the UN, students will also be able to put their academic knowledge and skills into practice.

IE University Humanitarian Crisis Simulation (Madrid Campus)

Humanitarian Crisis Management Simulation

The Bachelor in International Relations applies hands-on, practical methodologies which will make you face real-life scenarios from day one. The refugee-camp simulation offers students insights into the human and professional aspects it takes to aid people whose countries are going through times of crisis.

Trade Simulation USA & Europe

Bachelor in International Relations students participated in a simulation debate, where they discussed and negotiated on different issues and topics related to international trade between the European Union and the United States of America.

IE University immersive experiences: using VR in class

At IE University, we are committed to giving students an experience adapted to their needs, enabling them to face challenges head-on and generate meaningful impact on society. Thanks to Liquid Learning, we are able to simulate real-world scenarios and bring learning to life. Students continue to enjoy a highly innovative experience, while increasing their knowledge base, honing new skills and applying them to tangible situations.


Work in teams to gain practical, hands-on experience and contribute towards positive change.

Research and Advisory on International Affairs (RAIA)

The youth-led international think tank welcomes IE University students into a joint Summer Research Program to analyze different climate leaders using the RAIA methodology. The primary objective of this initiative is to delve into the role these  leaders play in climate policy, pinpoint the turning points that led them to their climate leadership positions, explore the solutions they advocate and evaluate the impact they've had in the real world.

United Nations Systems Staff College (UNSSC)

The UNSSC is dedicated to creating a better and more equal world, with the transformative power of learning at its core. IE University students participate in an enriching experience involving real research that makes a real change. Through planning, data collection and analysis, and the opportunity to showcase insightful findings, students are guaranteed a challenging and impactful experience.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

The OECD is focused on improving lives by shaping policies that lead to more equality on a global scale. During this project, students develop research methodologies and craft recommendations based on quantitative and qualitative analysis in the areas of either geopolitical risk or ESG reporting.


During the 2023 Transformational Leadership Journey, International Relationship students” had the opportunity to enhance their learning by traveling across Nepal. This trip was an experience like no other. 

 On previous trips, students have gone to awe-inspiring locations where they were presented with a range of physical, mental and professional challenges. Immersed in some of the world’s most incredible natural landscapes and guided by inspirational leaders, students are encouraged to work together, building key teamwork skills, as well as growing as individuals. 

 You will take part in an experience that’s carefully designed to test your limits, broaden your horizons and challenge your way of thinking. During this "two-week", you can expect your comfort zone to expand as you push yourself to achieve new things. At the end, you will return to your university with new perspectives and outlooks on yourself, your peers and the world around you.  

Transformational Leadership Journey


Get ready for your transformational journey.

La España Azul Project

La España Azul is a groundbreaking Spanish environmental organization aiming to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda through scientific research into the state of our seas. IE University students have the chance to collaborate with the project, applying the skills and knowledge they have acquired in the field of international relations while gaining hands-on experience and making a real impact.

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In their shoes


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Where is the best place to study International Relations?

There are many great universities around the world that offer excellent programs in International Relations. However, the "best" place to study International Relations may vary depending on your personal preferences, career goals, and location.

How to study international relations abroad?

Research international relations programs offered at universities abroad, check the admission requirements and deadlines for each program, apply to the universities and programs that interest you, obtain any necessary visas and travel documents and begin your studies and immerse yourself in the international relations program and the local culture.

How can I get experience in International Relations?

You can gain experience in International Relations through internships, volunteering with international organizations. At IE University you can take part in a rigorous academic program with a strong focus on your professional success. Work in a lab to gain professional skills in an internship-like experience. Participate in our Professional Success workshops to improve your job-seeking skills and decide the best career path for you. Benefit from personalized mentoring and advising from our Careers Department to find an internship or a job after graduating.

What methodology is used in international relations?

International Relations as a field employs various research methodologies such as qualitative methods, quantitative methods, case studies, content analysis, surveys, interviews, and historical analysis. At IE University through our hands-on teaching methodology, students will find the ideal balance between what is studied throughout their degree and projects based on real-world scenarios.



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